2 years ago

Worst site to be used, fake good not even close to gymshark! Ombr茅 I got plain purple and expensive for cheap replicas that wouldn鈥檛 even fit my hamster if you wish to complain you can鈥檛 , Items fake no returns slip! No contact details I had to get my bank to get my money back. However they did email to complain on a unlinked email address which doesn鈥檛 match the 鈥渓ove cloths fans鈥?name for business on my visa transaction! Then they contact me wanting items or money retuned, however no apologies for wasting my time on fakes ! Or cheap chatty rubbish that cost a fortune ! but they will offer 10% off.


2 years ago


Not gymshark leggings. Half the order hasn't arrived. Fraudulent company. Poses as Gymshark, but is not. Will not refund.

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