1 year ago

Sorry, I will write in English. They should take as an incitation to do something better.

If I had to make this comment five years ago, it would have been more favorable. It seems that over time, the service got worse.
I live in a quite isolated place and when it is holidays, like now, there is no choice than calling for a drive… And what a service!

As calling was quite a hassle, I came to download the app. By two times, despite having the money on my account and my bank paying them, the finance service kept telling that I didn't pay. I had to call them and force them to check. First time they admitted their mistakes. The second time, I was "forced" to send a whole bank transfer payment history and despite that, they denied. Angry, I ended up paying. It was two months ago and I stopped using the app ever since
Another recurring problem: the timing. Many times we tell a time, time chosen in agreement with them, and the drivers are late. And the amount of delay is not slight. For instance, today, it was 20 minutes late: I was out on time but ten minutes later, I came inside my house. Another ten minutes later, I see the car, which leaves although I shout calling them. So, no shopping today…
I am looking forward for holidays to finish and have buses coming again.

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