2 months ago

I ordered from this website as it now accepts laybuy and they had several quite interesting things discounted in their black Friday sales. I have to say however that after ordering I was a bit disappointed to find out that this is essentially a drop shipping website and the things you order might come from Spain, China, the UK or elsewhere. I ordered 3 items at the same time and a week later, I have only received one of them. I am following the shipping of some of them on cainiao shipping (which is the ali baba shipping company) and it is really taking forever for the tracking to be updated. One of my items still says preparing packaging!

In terms of the item i received, its high quality and i have absolutely no complaints however i would definitely ask that in future the seller offer expedited shipping if its going to take this long by standard shipping.

Edit: Just been in touch with the seller who confirmed to me that my products should be with me no later than December 18th. This has made me revise my review down from 3* to 2* as they are quoted on their website to advertise 4 to 8 days depending on whether national or international postage is required. This would mean I will have been waiting a full 3-3.5 weeks longer than advertised although from what I have seen so far there is no guarantee that my item will arrive on the day they mentioned. I wont go to 1* simply because of the pandemic and Christmas, I understand people are facing delays but I order online every day and I've not had one other thing take a month to come to me. Its like I have ordered from AliExpress or Wish!

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