8 months ago

WHO is LIAR here !!! the airline company or FlightHUB?
My flight from Toronto- Azures was cancel due to COVID-19.I contacted SATA airline to find out the refund policy since it was not my choice. The airline approved the refund. InfoHub said that need a waiver code to overwrite the default policy. The airline asked me to contact the FlighHub and asked them for give them a call or mail so they can provide a waver code.
Now FlightHUB plays again different game about what type of ticket I got. When so far NOBODY has any default cancellation policy that include Covid-19.

I contacted FlightHUB more then 10 x. The beginning of May InfoHub rep informed me that refund is in process and I will get full refund by end on May.
June 9, 2020 I contacted FlighHUB again since there was no money on Visa
the customer service informed me that there is no an email from Airlines/me and only I can get the credit with expiration date of purchase date not even the flight departure day and that is not match with airline policy. Who is a liar here. I wonder what is an expiration date on the credit if people who purchase the ticket year advance and flight are still cancelled.
June 10, 2020 – SATA airlene confirmed any travel voucher expiration date is of issuing the credit not a purchase date of the ticket. FlighHUB again said they follow airline guide that is a lie.


4 years ago

When i was in my vacation (April 2016) I had to change my flight date. They charged me some penalty but they they charged my credit card way too extra that what they were supposed to. Since April I am calling them all the time and they keep saying the money has been refunded to my account but it hasn't. Every time I call they keep transferring me from one department to another and they keep asking for proof . they never follow up with the proof i send them and since April they never refunded my money back. I purchased tickets from Flighthub.com twice and for the two of them they charged my credit card extra. They don't co-operate . they don't even care. I will never buy with them ever again. Very bad and stressful experience. If they make a "MISTAKE" and charge your credit card extra, good luck gaining it back.


4 years ago

I have e- booked a flight through flighthub.com and had to cancel it within minutes . I was given the roundaround before my request was approved but conditionnal to the payment of a penalty fee. Customer service representative refused to transfer my call to their loyalty dept despite my request. FYI, their air fare prices are often higher than chose of competition. I will never do business with flighthub again , due mainly to their awful customer service.

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