Flight Experience

1 year ago

I was fortunate to win a Red Letter Day in a raffle. Having had a track day previously, I chose a flight simulation from Flightexperience in Putney, London, based on a Boeing 737 airframe. I was offered four take offs and landings, or fly a sector. I chose to fly a sector, one of the more interesting of which is Stuttgart to Innsbruck. This involves flying over mountains and an approach through a valley. The experience starts with a short video to introduce you to the cockpit. Your "First Officer" then leads you to the simulator room. It gets quite real as you get strapped in and go through pre-flight checks before the 737 gets pushed out of the gate to prepare for take-off. You taxi your aircraft to the runway, make sure the aircraft is trimmed, cleared for take-off by the Tower, apply thrust and up, up and away. No rest though as you go through post take-off check, remembering to let your passenger release their seatbelts! You climb to altitude, learn a little about navigation, connect with Air traffic Control and subsequently Innsbruck Tower and then all too soon in this 60 minute experience, it's preparing for landing, making sure the aircraft height is appropriate for that mountain approach into Innsbruck. Speed 142, more flaps, wheels down, reduce speed to 134, apply the air brake briefly, keep the nose up, reduce speed, rear wheels hit the tarmac, drop the nose, apply reverse thrust and she's down. Taxi to the gate and conduct landing checks. It's all there and you will come away knowing just that little bit more about what goes on upfront the next time you take a real flight. I came away very pleased with my experience. My instructor was first class and I recommend this experience to everyone who has taken a bit of interest in what is happening on the wing and in the cockpit on previous trips abroad.

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