7 months ago

This company is an absolute fraud. Never use this company, NEVER. The company helped me recieve money from an airline. I was happy with their service. The airline paid me directly and I recieved a bill from flight delayed UK. I was very happy to pay the bill, however the link they sent me was for a incorrect less amount. I paid the bill, and flight delayed came after me saying I need to pay more. I saw that the link was infact for too little and was therefore very happy to pay the balance. Flight delayed did not send me a recipt for my payment and instead told me to pay the full amount. I sent them many emailed which were ignored , sent them proof of my payment from my credit card slip and they just ignored me. They then sent the debt collectors in threatening me with the full amount. I paid them what they asked me to pay on the link, they sent me the wrong amount, they ignored me when i tried to pay the correct amount and now send in debt collectors. There is nowehere to call them and they IGNORE emails. NEVER ever use this company.


1 year ago

I had a flight delay about three years and a half ago,and i choose this rubbish company to get compensation on my behalf,after so long they got the money,but they hold them is three months now,saying that to be patient,what kind of patiecence they want?i m begging every day for my money and all i ve got is an email adress,they dont have a telephone line so is no one you can talk to, so clearly if they decide to keep your money you have no chance to take them,anyway it s all good until they get the money after that they dont comunicate anymore and look like you bother them when you ask for your money,probably a scam like like many othet


4 years ago

Its so simple to do it yourself simply fill in a complaint form on your flight providers web site and they will transfer any compensation due in around 28days. Save yourself 25% cos thats what you will be charged off these for doing next to nothing:)

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