4 months ago


Even before Coronavirus pandemic become more serious, they were replying on e-mails so badly. No phone answers!!! Neither face to face customer services!!! After been waiting so long time (around 7 months) just notified yesterday from Turkish Airlines itself that those Flightfinder didn't even make any refund requests, they are just big cheaters!!!


4 months ago

Why do you not refund money for a cancelled flight when you are already received money from the airline ? Why do you not get back to your customers and why are you in business when you cannot live up to normal code of conduct?


5 months ago

Do not use this service

You will if all goes as planned be fine…

But if you have to change date, or flight is changed or canceled you are in deep, and during last half year with Covid there has been canceled flight and changes globally

Quick summary, flight moved forward 2-3 hours in the morning and we didn't get any sms, email, phonecall or such.

Reason is: That is extra service you have to pay for, so due to that if you sum up what you are paying for with luggage and fees that you can get for free elsewhere why bother to use them.
They are not manning there phone , so you don't have any chance other than to open up an case in their system, reply comes through their system and not by mail or phone.

Copy of our conversation

Hello !

When you booked your tickets on our webside you did not choose any of our service packages plus or max

In that case it is the customers responsibility to check the times before depature if there has been any schedule changes

In this case no money will be repayed for extra costs and you did not fly on your outbound flight so

it is considered as a no show so we are not able to apply for any refund of your tickets

You can still use your return flight with the new time


And regarding those return tickets , they are also changed , not informed to us so our planned stay gets even shorter due to these changes that we didn't know of resulting in unhappy relatives at the end location.

You have been warned, it can go perfect , but are you willing the risk ?
For us it cost us rough 650$ extra for new tickets to make it up to location same day


6 months ago

First they wanted to charge 39 euros per person to "process" the reimbursement, and now (5 months later) they said they would not do it, that the airline should do it. I bought my flight on Fightfinder, so I want Flightfinder to give me my money back! SCAMS!


9 months ago

Enough to scam people

I bought my tickets for 18th of march. Flight was cancelled due COVID. After asking several times they send me the link from the airline company where the ticket amount can be refunded but it will take very long time and on top they will charge me 39eur for person for administrative tasks due the cancellation.

on 18th of March the European Union issued a passengers guide for that exceptional situation giving the options that all companies must to offer, including the full reimbursement of the ticket.

COVID-19: Commission provides guidance on EU passenger rights, you can find it on internet.

So they are oblige to refund the full amount of the ticket without any commission fees.

Never again with this company and advice for you do not chose it neither.



1 year ago

Do not buy tickets from this site.

I bought tickets on 2019/8/5 from Rovaniemi to Stockholm and I paid 357,17鈧?for those tickets. The flight should've been with Norwegian.

Suddenly, on 9/9/2019 Norwegian cancelled one of the flights, so flightfinder offered either to change the ticket, or I get a full refund. I said I can't change the dates of the flights, so naturally I would want the full refund option. Flightfinder then cancelled my tickets, and said it would take 4-6 weeks to get the money back from airline and then I would get the full refund minus their fee, which would be 30e. So I would expect to get back 320,17鈧?which would be fine after all.

Then when I've heard nothing from Flightfinder, I send them a message on october 8th, kindly asking, when I would get the refund. They answered this:

"Dear Aleksi ,
thank you for your email.
We have checked your case with our refund department.
Yes, we have recieved tax repayment from the airline and we are still awaiting for the rest amount to be refunded.
As soon as the amount will be refunded, we will repay it to you.
Thank you for your understanding!"

They then paid me 61,46鈧?which would be some kind of tax part.

Now on 28/10/2019 I asked them, that I am still waiting for the rest of the money to be refunded.

They answered;
As per our system, we can see that the refund has been made on 10th October for the sum of 61,46 EUR.
We have sent you the invoice as well.
Kind REgards,

Like you can see, they are avoiding on answering to me where is the rest of the refund. I am afraid I will not get the rest of the money as promised, and it all seems they are not going to pay it.



2 years ago

Hello Flightfinder,
What about your:

"Se ruega verificar que los datos antedichos, nombres, horarios y precios
correspondan a la reserva. Las eventuales objeciones a la factura deben ser notificadas en el plazo de tres (3) d铆as."

This means I could make objections on possible errors in the invoice data within 3 days after issuing.

And then you tell me: "the documents which are issued before you pay are the authentic ones and cannot be changed after issued, unfortunately.
In the case we ask clients to give all the correct/needed data in the begging of the reservation. "

So what is that message in the invoice for?

And plus, how am I going to present objections to the invoice if you never sent it to me until I asked for it.

Also, the invoice doesn't have a VAT number, so in Spain is not a valid invoice, I guess in some other places in the world is not, either. So they might be "authentic" but not valid, legally speaking.

Either what you tell me here is not true, or what you say in the invoice is not right, in both cases, you have a problem that gave me a big problem.


3 years ago

They cannot change a ticket date or sell it further, not even if you pay extra money for that. Which means, you can't sell it or give it to other person.


3 years ago

There is a reason why the prices are so cheap. I advise you not to order the cancellation insurance, it only works if you are ill and show a doctor's statement or are dying. They have "copy-paste" customer service, any worse service you need to look long after. You must do all the work even if you have any changes, they can not do it for you. Not even for payment. They are not trusted, in my experience I will never use them again and advise anyone else not to use this service.

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