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Flightmakers are FRAUDSTERS and SCAMMERS!! Just to provide background, I booked my trip to India in Feb14th, 2020(Booking Reference # T4PG3R . My flight was on 11th March,2020 which got cancelled. I came to know 2 hours prior to the departure (we were already at the airport)

In the mean time from the day of booking my trip till the day of my departure I kept going on Air Canada website with my booking confirmation number to confirm. Website keep showing to contact your agency. But when I was speaking to Flight makers sales team they were assuring me the my flight is safe and on time. Even in the morning of my flight I checked website showing 鈥淢y trip is cancelled鈥? Spoke to sales team they were still saying 鈥淣o madam,Your flight is on time.. Trust Us.鈥?br />

Same day on 11th of March, I spoke to Sales person for my options of the refund or to get credit ? Spoke to Andrew and Mauris-They mentioned that my trip is safe and myMoney is safe. I can rebook anytime . They will contact me?

In this period of 9 months , I spoke to numerous people name as Jason, Paul, Tia, Harry, Mauris, Andrew, and Joseph, Rubin. I have given different directions to go. My Call volume to the. might be around more then 50 calls with long Hours of holding.

After requesting, I person provided me the link to go to Air Canada and submit the refund request. So followed the instructions, spoke to Air Canada representative. She gave me the surprising information that agency has cancelled the flight and got the refund on 27th Feb where as my flight was on 11th March. They have refunded the money to flightmakers . No one Notified . They have charged us $6000, and never gave my money back or credit for near future. Not answering my calls .


3 years ago

Flightmakers are a terrible company to deal with. They take your deposit, don't complete the reservation and then refuse to refund your money. Although they have a registered office in the UK the 'call centre' is in India. Customer Service is dreadful. Don't be tempted to use them!!

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