3 years ago

A fairly safe online game rated "Teen" and up. The only real problems I have with it are the ads and the microtransactions.

The ads are pretty pervasive and some of them do track you. Blocking the ads results in a guilt message where the ads used to be. There is no option to pay to remove ads. Ads remain even if you are a paying player.

Be aware that the online purchases on this site are expensive with the average item costing 12-15 US dollars worth of paid currency each. You are going to want these items in pairs most of the time as this is a breeding game so you want matched sets. Keep a close eye on your pocketbook!


5 years ago

I never had problems with this site . ..but its can 'lag' sometime when there is too much peoples onlines… And like most pet site you have to be careful about others peoples …


5 years ago

pagina muy amigable para ni帽os, nada sugestivo


6 years ago

The point of Flight Rising to raise and breed virtual dragons which are aligned to various elemental "gods". The site moderates the forums very well. All of the extreme adult content, spamming, and trolling I've accidentally encountered is removed almost immediately and the perpetrators banned. The site only accepts new users during a few hours of open registration at various intervals, so the community tends to be small and tight knit.

Some of the creatures in Flight Rising are frightening looking. For example, there are spider and centipede-like creatures in the battle arena. Also, more conservative people may be offended by the site's use of "gods" in lore as well as some of the forum discussions concerning religion and social issues.

Flight Rising is a new site so it can lag at times and the flash games can slow your browser or simply refuse to load. Sometimes the site itself goes down. Flight Rising's devs and staff are very straight forward and open to the community about potential threats to their accounts, site issues, bugs, etc…

Over all, the site seems to be all ages friendly. As usual, parents should be aware that their child is using the site if he/she is under 13 as there is some mild adult content in various forums.


7 years ago

This is a great site for people who love dragons (and fantasy altogether)! I've played other browser based games, and wasn't too impressed by them, but this one lets you do a little bit of everything such as raise, breed, customize, and battle your dragons.

As for safety I haven't had any trouble. I'm always super wary of new sites b/c I don't want to wreck my laptop but thus far the only issues I have is that the site runs a bit slow from time to time. But no virus's as far as I can tell!

The people are friendly and the FR team always seem to try and please their audience. It's a great site and I hope other people can share in the fun 😉

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