5 days ago

I created my account with them back to June 2018, the website looked so neat and with beautiful features, web design and artwork. I used to get addicted to it, I invited one of my cousins there but since he had no clue how to create an account, I created one for him, later he got bored of it and left. I contacted staff to remove that account but they didn't respond or take action.

8 Months later, my account got terminated because they flagged me as I've multiple accounts. I tried to get in contact with them but they either ignored me or denied my request. This caused me to lose my honor there and get blocked by some of famous FR players/helpers.
I was frustrated and created another account, basically told my friends there that my previous account got terminated, later they suspended me because I told them this!

Later, after more than a year, I contacted them again to delete or disable my account but again, "they either ignored me or denied my request.", then I wrote a forum topic that I want my account to be deleted and asked for people to how to deal with who block me, a moderator just deleted my topic and I never could read other people's advice on how to deal with some of toxic people there.

PS: I remembered that I owe people 800 gems because I was running a raffle on my previous account and it got locked, I wish at least they would return it to me to give it to users, I created an art commission topic to revive this money with selling my arts and that also got deleted.


1 month ago

Well if you play Marapets, you will know what I'm talking about. They essentially took Marapets, improved it with things such as breeding, changed it to all dragons, and called it good. That said, the people are absolutely WONDERFUL. Everyone was very kind and understanding as well as patient with me and my questions. You don't need to pay to use the site, which is great. The forums are very confusing though, so beware of that too.


1 month ago

Well if you play Marapets, you will know what I'm talking about. They essentially took Marapets, improved it with things such as breeding and more colors, changed it to all dragons, and called it good. That said, the people are absolutely WONDERFUL. Everyone was very kind and understanding as well as patient with me and my questions. You don't NEED to pay to use the site, which is great. The forums are very confusing though, so beware of that too.


1 month ago

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4 months ago

This site seems to serve as a bullhorn (I'd hope, unintentionally) for cybertrolls and toxic adults looking to prey on minors and other vulnerable adults.

As long as there are creepy adult members who can give the site money, they're allowed to run free bullying other users or engaging in rule-breaking activity without penalty.
There have been many instances of pedophiles, groomers, cyberstalkers, and adult-age bullies who have exploited the site's lack of community security for years. Not to mention the extreme, public prevalence of baseless witch hunting/cancel culture, which can affect literally any player at some point in their career.

It takes an exceptional amount of community outcry to have serious offenders placed on the staff's radar. Individual reports of harassment and shady activity are often ignored by the staff even after multiple appeals. Furthermore, the staff can threaten to leverage malicious report penalties against victims trying to get help.

This in mind, I don't think this is a good site for minors to touch with a 10 foot pole. There are certainly safe zones and good people within the in-game community, but not enough to offset the extensive cyberbullying culture that has taken root.


7 months ago

This game is so fun! However, it can take a long time every day. Do your homework and stuff first! Baldwin, fiona, tomo, galore, and everything in general is great!


1 year ago

You'd think something so important to the gameplay would be fixed, but even though we were told by the staff that it would be fixed, it has been YEARS and nothing has changed.


2 years ago

I find the general community to be a positive and welcoming space, who work to protect and respect all other members on the site. However, there are also uncomfortably large, shady cliques within, who are known for breaking the TOS and attacking other users.

I've heard of many stories of people (including friends) who were the victim of offsite stalking, doxxing, suicide baiting, and extensive witch hunts and bullying by a wider group of users. As extreme as these cases are they are not rare, and they lead victims to leaving the site, and often result in real life emotional and mental health damage.
Many of these incidents happened offsite (tumblr, discord) where penalties were not issued, but sometimes it also happened over private messages and onsite forums.

What's also really disturbing, and possibly unique to the site, is the presence of at least two offsite blogs that are frequently dedicated to targeting and harassing other users. In some respects they resemble the very seedy places of 4chan, to set example. They are visited by a large portion of the community, and work via anonymous submissions so there is no way to trace back to the author and report them.
The staff are even rumored to visit both of these blogs and interact with the moderators, but it never leads to penalties for the people who run them.

Speaking of the staff, they aren't well known for dealing with harassment properly or even attending to a serious situation when it occurs. They have a ticket system, but are /terrible/ about responding to tickets, close significant tickets before they are properly reviewed, and completely ignore cases of cyberbullying offsite no matter how damaging it becomes for a user.
I've personally experienced staff penalizing or closing one harassing account, only to see the same person make a second, illegal account and not have it scrutinized after sending in 3 tickets.

That all said, interact with the community at your own risk when joining FR. Don't ever link social media to any of your pages, offsite blogs, or anything that cannot be reviewed by the staff. Because people will target you if you leave vulnerable information. And if you are harassed onsite for any such thing, be well aware that the staff may not come to your aid.


2 years ago

The customer support on this site would be more efficient if run by rabid, blind lemurs. They never answer your question or if they do you get a cookie cutter answer. They ban players for apparently no reason and lock threads also for seemingly no reason. Support never replies to you if your problem is big or small; I'm not sure if they are stupid, poorly-trained, or just don't give a crap.

If you buy gems on this site, ISSUE A CHARGEBACK on paypal or your credit card. Especially if your account gets locked or banned. Do it asap because this site frankly doesn't deserve your money with how poorly they treat their player base.

It might be fun if you're a teenager who never interacts with anyone else but the staff really needs to be better if they ant the site to grow. They're rude, ill-informed, and absolutely useless.


3 years ago

As far as "collector" games, this one is the tops. I've been playing for almost 4 years now and still love, or loved, it. The problem is, eventually you will notice that things in your lair go missing; dragons, apparel, items. Things you buy will not get to you, things you try to sell will disappear. And you will then meet the "admin monsters". Post your problem on the forum, they lock it. Contact support, they ignore you. Contact the developer, he sends you back to the people ignoring you. Until you are one big frustrated angry person, who loves their dragons, but can't take the complete lack of customer care anymore and quits. If you do play, please don't spend real money, it is too easily lost!


3 years ago

Gameplay would be enjoyable, but site staff and their take on customer service is terrible. Canned support responses (if you're lucky). More often than not, you'll just get ignored. Staff doesn't care if you regularly make cash purchases on their site, your contributions are worthless to them. There's little point in financially contributing to this site in light of how they regard their players, paying and non-paying alike.


3 years ago

Flight Rising is an online game with age restrictions of 13+. Players start out with creating their first dragon, and choosing one of eleven factions, called "Flights". Overall the gameplay is awesome, graphics being the best thing on the site. The breeding script is also very detailed, in my opinion, with over 160 colors of three sets, Primary Secondary and Tertiary, with their respective genes. It is not very newbie friendly, but other users on the forums are usually helpful. Customer support usually doesn't reply much to complaints that users have been wrongly banned, and it is forbidden to talk about banned users on the forums. Except that, I would recommend you to play it.


3 years ago

If I could, I'd leave 0 stars, but alas…

Players are often banned unfairly, with false evidence/no evidence. Many unfairly banned players send appeals, and almost always are denied. Often times, even with proper evidence given to the staff, they will just turn around with an automated response for denial of the appeal. When asked for their evidence to prove an accusation, they ignore the request for evidence and simply give an automated message.

Customer support is so bad; contact-us messages are VERY often left ignored. You can actually get in trouble for sending in too many contact-us messages. The staff team rarely does anything about them.

Staff members are also rather selectively deaf. There are many things that need to changed regarding the moderation.

Some notable incidences that need to be known:

1. A user was scammed by buying an illegally duplicated item (buyer was not aware it was a dupe). The staff team caught the dupe item, took it away, but did not refund them the currency they paid (over 30,000 gems, a premium currency).

2. A user warned other users of a suicide-baiter for the safety of other users, and got suspended for it. Suicide-baiter is still freely playing Flight Rising.

3. Recently (as of May 30, 2017), a number of players were banned on the accusations of sharing accounts, multi-accounting, botting, etc., and were not provided proof by the staff team. Many of them sent appeals, and were denied.

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