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4 years ago

Flights Watcher is an Excellent Website to utilize which has been around for the past two years in helping the consumer save money and make better buying decisions with respect to the various aspects of Flight Travel, including helping you to find out about the Best Flight Deals possible based on the other consumer's experiences in dealing with the various airlines out there and believe ME, You have many to choose from.

Flights Watcher even offers much more than that such as
being able to see various online travel agency reviews which can help you to get Great Deals on hotels and various types of travel excursions around the world and locally and you will definitely see which Travel Agencies are the most helpful vs. the ones that are Not!

For their airline reviews, you will learn exactly how customers are treated on those flights which includes anything from the level of service provided to the baggage spaces above the seats to the leg room provided, the food served on those long or short flights if you even get any or enough to what the planes actually look like from inside and out, including their level of cleanliness, comfort, noise level, etc.

You will also find out which airlines go out of their way for the customers vs. the ones who give the customers a hard time if you know what I mean because many of us have been there like myself and Yes, I have written about some of my experiences on Flights Watcher myself in which You can view and all of the reviews written on this very informative website can and will help You, the consumer in deciding of whether you want to still fly with that particular airline or Not!

For their airport reviews, you will witness what some passengers have to go through just to catch their flight. You will witness and read up on the experiences that the passengers have gone through at one particular airport vs. another and believe me, You will be amazed on what some people have to deal with and how people are treated and/or mistreated at various airports from around the world. I personally Travel outside the country and I know what I have to go through sometimes and so will You.

Flights Watcher even has Travel App Reviews as well in which you can access from your android or iPhone to find out a lot more updated information that keeps coming through on a daily basis. For instance, if you are trying to find out about cheap or even free accommodations, I noticed that there are articles about where you can save so much money on accommodation and if it were Not for websites such as Flights Watcher, then you may Never know that exists.

You can also find a lot more on the App such as TripCase App reviews which is used to manage itineraries, trips and flights. There is also
Traveloka to find the cheapest flight tickets. Let's also not forget Skiplagged which is another successful mechanism to find cheap flights.

Furthermore, on the App, you can also read up on Travel Diaries featuring personal Travel Experiences from real travelers. There is even a Japan Travel Guide to show you where the best places are to visit out in Japan and find out about bargains as well since Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit or to live.

On the App, there is also Tripit which helps to organize your travel plans in one place, find you alternative flights, the best seats, etc.

I must also point out that the App even has Expedia, Touristeye,
Southwest Airlines and much, much more!

In addition, Flights Watcher also allows the passengers to publish reviews both positive and negative on their Airline and/or Flight Experience so that the consumer can make better Flying Decisions on Who To Choose When It Comes To An Airline.

I personally have published reviews on Flights Watcher and I am so glad that I am making a Big Difference on their website for the many consumers out there that are seeking advice and/or opinions from the many users that go on there.

Thank you Flights Watcher for Your Existence!

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Flights Watcher Writer, User and Consumer


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