1 year ago

I had received an email from United asking if I could change my route on a return flight from Hawaii due to weather and there would be no charge. I googled the United number and came up with these folks. I didn鈥檛 realize I was not dealing with United until they started telling me the fees for rerouting. This just didn鈥檛 seem right and I hung up. I then looked at the number and did another search realizing they are not United.


2 years ago

I was scammed by a fake United Airlines call center that is using the domain as their email server. The owner of, and other related domains are all owned by the company Traveloes UK Ltd. The director of this UK company is an Indian national by the name of Vivekanand SUSHIL KUMAR. Beware of dealing with any of these companies.


2 years ago

Great Experience with Flightszoom. One of my friend suggested about Flightszoom, they have one of the best customer service. They manage our whole trip so thanks a lot for all efforts. Thank You so much


2 years ago

They are running multiple websites and multiple toll free numbers to con the unsuspecting people on the internet. They are operating in the US and UK. They have not listed their exact physical address on a number of their websites. A lot of their reviews online are fake as well. A lot of their other web sites do not have any Yelp reviews or reviews on other big websites. They even have the wrong Trustpilot rating on their web site.

An internet search for 1-877-287-1365 will prove my point. They are also operating multiple toll free numbers as well. They are as follows:

Their may be a lot more number. I have just listed a few which will all get you to the same agency.

I think it is important that I let everyone know about my experience so that none else will have to go through the same experience.

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