5 months ago

I must give 1 star because I cannot give a negative rate. Don't buy nothing from them,there are no word for explain this company or yes lier,fake and thieves. I an still waiting my refund from Corona situation,United company send me a confirm that this agency received money back but they are still holding. No contact,no answer ,but they are still working frauding customers.STAY AWAY!!!!


7 months ago

Unfortunately, my flight to Tel Aviv was canceled due to the corona virus. I think Flighttix handled the situation really good; communication was good (considering the crazy situation), and I have had tickets refunded without issues.

When we are (hopefully soon) on the other side of the pandemic, I will happily book new flights through fligghtix 🙂


1 year ago

After booking with Flighttix, my flights plan was changed over and over again. The airline offered to change the flight plan to a better one after authorization by Flighttix. However, Flighttitx refused.
Never ever again I will book a flight via Flighttix and I advice everyone not to.


1 year ago

I got the option to select seat on my flight while booking, so I did.
But they added a fee way more than the entire ticket which I didn't not see. After purchasing I tried to get a refund on the seating reservation but was informed that they would not allow it.

This is shady and ridiculous!


3 years ago

It started with something which appeared to be a good price for a flight from Hamburg to Dubai.
The money were withdrawn from my account but no ticket showed up, Only a confirmation that they had received my order.
After a few weeks; 14 days before departure they informed me that the flight was changed from a direct flight to a connection with a stop over in Moscow.
I managed to come through to their customer service after several hours of trying. They tould me that the original departure was cancelled. I found that strange since tickets were still for sale at the airline webpage.
I asked for evidence and after a longer argument they admitted it was a lie.
Having heard that it became clear to me that this had been their plan from the very beginning. They pretended to sell me a ticket but booked me at a cheaper connection with the aim to make a good profit.
Everybody knows that flights gets more expensive as the departure approaches, so which other possible reason could they have for waiting??
In the end I got my money back (the money for the ticket they never bought). Never the less I remain convinced that those guys are bad guys.

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