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I waited 4 months for refund of flight cancelled due to COVID-19. They offered only voucher again and again, replied after 3 weeks and were completely unreachable. After 5 months and hundreds of emails I finally forced them to send the refund. I got confirmation that the airline refunded them in full months ago. These scammers added a nasty 55 EUR fee just for processing the refund + they refunded only 1 ticket instead of 2 I bought with them. Now they are unreachable again. Last thing I got out of them is that the 2nd ticket was "name change fee" not a ticket!!! What a bunch of lies, they owe me 鈧?90 + 鈧?5!!!



1 year ago

I got the option to select seat on my flight while booking, so I did.
But they added a fee way more than the entire ticket which I didn't not see. After purchasing I tried to get a refund on the seating reservation but was informed that they would not allow it.

This is shady and ridiculous!


1 year ago


Booked Gothenburg to Lisbon on 19th july. Credit card was charged. 20th july, receive message that ticket "Unfortunately, your payment cannot be verified. Therefore, your booking has been cancelled automatically. Since this is a security measurement, no additional information can be provided. ". Evidently this is false. I've spoken with airline (KLM) – no booking has been made. I'm today 29th july still waiting for refund of my money. When will this take place is highly unclear and with my legal background I'm thinking to par-take legal actions against this company if my money is not refunded ASAP.

UPDATE 29.07: I got hold of them on customer service number: +44 20 3966 638, after waiting in-line for abt. 5minutes. A lady replied, and told me that my statement was correct and they will refund my full money immediately. After another 3minutes holding the line, She reverted and informed me that their accounting department had been informed to repay but that it could take up to 10 days from today since i paid with VISA credit card. … if not the case, I should contact them again. The question is, why did I even have to call in order to ask for my money, it should have been automatically repaid since 20th of July one would think don't you?

To be continued…. Let's see if my money is re-covered in full as they claimed it would.


2 years ago

Hi, this is a post about my bad experiences with Flighttix.

On the 21 of November 2018 I bought a ticket through Flighttix for a flight from Lima, Peru, to La Paz, Bolivia. I received an e-mail confirmation with the info that my money (around 250 EUR) had been received by Flighttix.

The flight was supposed to depart on the 12 of December 2018. Apart from their confirmation of my ticket purchase, there was no communication from Flighttix prior to the flight. On the 11 of December I decided to call the airline just to check that I was actually registered for the flight. The airline confirmed that I was registered but at the same informed me that they had lost their license to fly from Lima to La Paz which meant that the flight was cancelled. They informed me that the passengers of course were entitled to get their money back, but that it was Flighttix (not I) that had purchased the ticket. Therefore, Flighttix would have to contact the airline to get the money back, and I would in my turn have to contact Flighttix to get my money back.

While it did surprise me that the flight was cancelled and that I had recieved no information about this from Flighttix, it did not surprise me that I could not claim my money directly from the airline. My contract partner is Flighttix and it makes sense that I have to turn to my contract partner to get my money back. So I contacted Flighttix, I explained what had happened and I even forwarded an e-mail from the airline confirming that they had lost their license to perform the flight.

Flighttix responded that I am only entitled to get my money back from Flighttix if they get money from the airline. Even though this policy of Flighttix is a major deviation from how contract law works, I did not make a fuzz about it since the airline had informed me that they would reimburse Flighttix. I therefore trusted that Flighttix would sooner or later reimburse me as well.

Flighttix told me that they would contact the airline and then get back to me. However, Flighttix has not gotten back to me. It should be mentioned that the airline was very professional and fast in responding when I contacted them (both by telephone and by e-mail).

I have reminded Flighttix several times and it is now clear to me that they could not care less wether I get my money back for the cancelled flight. I do not rule out that Flighttix has already gotten reimbursed by the airline and that Flighttix just decided to keep my money, hoping that I will forget about it. One month ago their e-mail address even stopped working and my e-mails started bouncing back. It seems like they have decided to block me.

It should be noted that I of course had to purchase a much more expensive ticket to go to La Paz on the 12 of December. It cost me 515 EUR. According to standard contract law Flighttix is not only obligated to repay me for the cancelled flight. Flighttix is also obligated to cover my extra expenses for the more expensive flight ticket. As I wanted a friendly communication with Flighttix, I did not require of them to cover this extra expense. But now that it is clear that Flighttix has scammed me I thought I should mention it.

To summarize: I have paid Flighttix 250 EUR for a flight that Flighttix did not deliver. I am entitled to repayment by Flighttix who is my contract partner. Flighttix is entitled to repayment from their contract partner – the airline. Maybe Flighttix has already gotten repaid, who knows? But one thing is certain – they have not repaid me and they could not care less about wether their customers actually get the flights that they have purchased from Flighttix.

As long as this post is up, I have not received the repayment from Flighttix that I am entitled to.

I strongly advice that you don't purchase flight tickets from any of the Flighttix companies.

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