Flint Mobile

5 years ago

I signed up for Flint and submitted their Information request for a limit of $10k/charge and $30k/week They make it easy to submit documents using the phone camera and I got my approval in under 24 hours. I added Items, customized the receipts with my logo using the web portal interface. It was easy to push data over to our Quickbooks account just by entering my QB account credentials into Flint's connection tool. I was able to assign separate account logins to each of my nine employees. Now if they ever need to take a payment or send an invoice they just need to have their phone. Best of all I didn't need to buy iPads to get this up and running. Flint Gets 5 Stars


6 years ago

Flint is hands down the best mobile payments app in existence. It is very easy to scan cards, way better than the magnetic card reader that took 5-10 trys to work most of the time. I like that I can send email receipts to customers for cash and check transactions in the field and not have to do additional data entry when I'm back in the office later. The invoicing works well but make sure you're set with the required credit limit before you go sending out invoices for amounts that your customers can't pay because of your credit limit. I just sent in my drivers licence and a statement and my limit was raised within 12 hours.

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