Flint River Pet Products

2 years ago

I love this food. Baked dog food is produced at a lower temperature than the extruded kibble. I have a knowledge base in human nutrition and one of the things we tell people, pretty consistently, is to not over cook your food, (especially fruits and veggies), because it will leech nutrients.

It makes sense that this food is more nutritious. My dog has a lot of allergies, and since I started using this food, and their probiotics, she has stopped itching, and finally has fur on her rump. This has been a nightmare for 6 years prior to finding the food.

When I first arrived at the website, I felt like the price was a little steep, but because I don't have to feed my dog as much (she's just under 35 pounds, and eats 2/3 cups twice per day, so a bag lasts us like…I don't know, a month and a half. I order their bundle so I basically get a bag for free each time I order, and it still comes in 15 pound bags (as opposed to one 60 pound bag)….so I only have to have one bag open at a time. It ends up being cheaper per day, for me than the food I had her on, and I no longer have fear of her choking, because she gobbles….baked food is crumbly, and I can add water to it and it makes a gravy as opposed to a mess, so kibbles don't get lodged in her throat any more.

My dog loves it, she is so much softer, and she doesn't try to scrounge for outside food as much (she still does, I mean..let's not get crazy).

I like that they have a guarantee for new recipes, so I can order without the fear of being stuck with a bag of food my dog won't eat (she isn't picky so its really just an inkling of a fear, but still, it's nice to know they back up their product).

Their customer service is very on point, if I call, they remember my dog and if I mentioned something in our last conversation, they may bring it up. I have emailed before and I can tell that a person responded to me…usually the same one, so they seem to be filtering their emails to establish personal connections.

I bought a bag for my uncle and my brother, and their animals love it too….it really is just good quality food.

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