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1 year ago

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3 years ago

We were actually really glad for the Boston comfort model when we saw it, it seemed like a good quality for the price. But since delivery it has just been issues.
1. The pictures used for the color representation, were in our view, brown, but we got a black one. We tried to talk with the owner, where he answered all the time, but with no luck for a solution.
2. The weel came of when we were out walking. It was a bit unlevel/grass ground, but Our buy got a huge shock, and we were fortunately a lot of people that could help carry it home for reparation.
3. The callege for the "barnevogn" should not fit the klapvogn, but we tried, and it somehow fitted, we didn't find any support for the weight, so we thought that was the reason for the "non-fit". Anyways when it broke we bought a new one, just to se that it had the same flaw…
4. The screws that supports the childs weight for the klapvogn, keep falling out.. we have tried 4 times now that they have fallen of, even though they have been tighten… Last time were just now were we had to carry our one year old home ind windy conditions…

All in all, it seems good, but you get what you pay for. It won't work for so long, but it looks ok until it breaks…

If you want something that holds together/has quality. buy anything else…

We have had it for a year now, so it is not just the first thing that came up… we have really tried to give it a chance, but now it is just too much.. buy something else is our recommendation!

The two stars is for the couple of months until it began to fall apart.


3 years ago

You cant expect the better, i will. Say highly satisfied.

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