Flippin Fantastic

3 years ago

This item is supposed to be a mold for making pancakes, eggs etc, that you want to be perfectly round. You are supposed to put it in a pan, pour your batter or eggs into the round mold, let it cook a minute, then flip it over to cook the other side of the food. It would be perfect if it works! It sells for $19.95 on the web site, but some idiots are trying to sell it on Amazon for $59.95. I purchased it for cheap on Ebay for $5.95, so I didn't lose too much money. This thing is not weighted enough to lay flat in the pan so when you pour the eggs into the molds, they leak out underneath the mold and it ends up to be a big mess! It would be awesome if it really worked! I think the commercial only showed pancake batter that was really thick, so it wouldn't leak out underneath. That is why it looks like it is a great product. I was very disappointed, as I wanted to make egg patties for breakfast sandwiches.

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