Flipsky Tech

8 months ago

Tempi di spedizione colossali… ho pagato per una spedizione espressa dopo quasi 20 giorni ancora non ho ricevuto l鈥檃rticolo e con il tracking che mi hanno fornito sono 5 giorni che non si aggiorna…

Colossal shipping times … I paid for an express shipment after almost 20 days I still have not received the item and with the tracking they have provided me, it is 5 days that does not update …


1 year ago

I bought a dual vesc from them. I have had a terrible experience. It failed the first day. I did many videos and photos of the product yet their engineers couldn't see the failure. Any 4 years old kid could tell the product was faulty but not an engineer… They ended up offering a replacement after a long long time…and guess what: They shipped to another guy in another country or they shipped nothing and just lied to me. Even if that was their fault again they refused to send me another vesc. Their customer service is the worst between the worst and their products are very low quality.
The only thing they care about is a paypal claim so do not use credit card at their site, i warn you.
I swear i will never ever buy a single bolt from them.

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