3 months ago

I ordered two sets of faucets from them. After waiting over 2 months, I received a parcel from them. Instead of the faucet sets, there was only a cheap fake Cartier ring! I complained and they replied that this was a beautiful ring, they would not refund my money 100% but I should keep the ring and they would refund 20% of my purchase! I refused and they went up to 40%. I refused again, always asking for 100% refund and they stop replying. They never said 鈥渟orry it was a mistake, we are going to send the proper faucets right away鈥? instead they kept asking me to keep their cheap crappy ring with a discount on what I paid. I am in the process of getting a Chargeback through my Credit Card Company for fraud. NEVER BUY ANYTHING from them. The good reviews on the website are all fake. They have multiple essentially identical websites: khophub.com, geamusice.com, fliptechm.com. The Credit Card payment goes to EPL*GUOFENGYIYANG. Google it and you will find a lot of people have been scammed!

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