FLIR Systems

5 months ago

I have sent an eMail to the company asking a question and it is consistent with so many other reviews on Amazon and other sites, they never had the decency to answer my question even when I have told them that I want to buy one of their cameras. Note that this BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ARROGANCE BEHAVIOUR before buying the product, because a company can make a great product (I'm not saying that their is such, though), but it is as good as it's customer service or the weakest link in the chain. After you'll buy you will probably get even Bigger ZERO Service, + I've read that they asking people so many details about their personal info when registering the product. Take these things into considerations when thinking of shelling the money out of your pocket!


1 year ago

Faulty NV monocular I sent it in 4 times it never got fixed just sent back hoping I wouldn't notice I guess now it's discontinued and the promised a replacement but that was an empty promise like the others now I got 300 dollar paperweight I will never recommend them to anyone I will actively discourage everyone from buying even a battery of them this whole damn thing cost me some 60 bucks in shipping for nothing to. What a way to treat your customers let alone your fellow countrymen. One of the worst purchasing experiences of my adult life


2 years ago

Scout TK suffered a common battery fault, Flir agreed an RMA issue and issued the paperwork. Having had to pay nearly 拢20 to post to the USA, posted at the end of March, arrived there on the 4th April. Flir agreed to replace it on the 20th April but since then it has been a continual series of false promises and worthless apologies and no camera. Customer service is the worst ever.


3 years ago

Bought a Lorex CCTV system and their technical support has been amazing

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