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11 months ago

meet local girls is A scam and all the鈥?br />
meet local girls is A scam and all the affiliated sites are a scam
meet local hot girls for chat or date girls for no strings sex. meet girls for casual sex and online chat.casualhookup all the sites are face if you sine up for 1 you will get suck in to sine up singeing to a lot of deferring dating sits witch you did not sign up for and if you dealt 1 of them you get a invasion a driftnet site with all the same girls on it. do not sing up for the dating websites hear some more face sites onlinedesire, passiondesire , TrueBootyCall ,
you get 3 free chats message the you need to get a plan and as soon as you do the girls stop chat to you all the girls are robots all this sites are face do not SING UP TO THEM. STAY A WAY FOR ALL THIS SITES.


1 year ago

Started off with a free membership and received all kinds of messages from women who wanted to have a lot of sex and fun, and I mean a lot. As soon as I bought a month membership the messages stopped and even the women who had supposedly sent messages didn't respond once!! I'm not a bad looking guy so lots of my female friends have told me, but I have been on the site for almost Two weeks, sent tons of messages out and not one response. Not even a hello. Seems pretty shady , so yes I believe it is a SCAM!!!!


1 year ago

Another scam, the same as SteamyDates. All computer generated profiles and responses. Wasted $100.00 and 5 months of my time that I will never get back!


4 years ago

All the ladies love you til you join

I had ladies sending me to site only mail telling me how they wanted to hook up give me a pics adult chat can't message back unless you join so I did. Not one message out of 20 girls was returned I opted out of autopay and was told people might miss my messages if I didn't reenroll. TOTAL SCAM


6 years ago

their email's are virus's and they spam you forever ,all profiles are BS

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