1 year ago

Nice, it's very good for you. Very much like this game. It's very useful for any beginner and business training beautiful girls.


2 years ago

"The idea of this site is to RINSE mug punters and keep them engaged ONLINE"

This site is designed to rinse cash from mug punters who are sucked in by the beauties that are way above their league. Yes, It is very flattering to see these good looking girls taking an interest in YOU — but get real fellers !! They are after the subscriptions./Chat tokens

The girls probably get commission for keeping the Punters engaged for as long as possible. Don't KID yourselves THAT THEY ARE GENUINELY INTERESTED in YOU They don't care what your age is or what you look like as long as you can keep paying for the privilege of engaging in on-line Chat. YOU WONT GET LAID HERE

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