6 years ago

i followed this site testing diffrent girls everything that has been said is true….its turns out they are all in malta i say they …you are actually talking to a computor..great way to have sex ye… ther may be 2vreal ladies in their sixties that talk with you but generally none of it is real…


11 years ago

I had a terrible experience of this company. I advise anyone thinking of using this site to think twice and to do some research on it first.

Firstly this company owns a number of drop shipping websites all selling the same things, but hides the fact in order to take membership fees from the same people. For example I was a member of two of their sites (I'd paid 2 membership fees) thinking they were two different businesses offering similar products. A lot of people using drop shipping products become members to a number of similar sites to guarantee a delivery to their customer, this company has around 4 sites that I know of which all conceal their identity.

Secondly, this company will take your money but not send the goods, to you or your customer. And after that will not respond to emails, phonecalls etc.

Thirdly, this company does not care about you or your business and has no conscience about letting you and your business go under.

Fourthly, this company has had complaint after complaint made about it on the drop shipping forums and in the courts and yet it is still spamming, offering stock at ridiculous prices via email and still lying about its authorisation to sell stock in this country.


11 years ago

The site offers a good service at a great price. Individual products suit different stores of different needs. Overall a good experience.


11 years ago

On the face of it all seems well, but having read loads of information on forums there are a lot of complaints regarding service and stock availability. Virtually uncontactable as well when a problem arises. Speaking to others in the industry I get the feeling that they are just interested in selling websites and once they have sold you that then they are not interested in providing the service they claim to provide, they have very little product knowledge, no manners and if you critize them at all you get bullied in open on forums.

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