2 years ago

OH MY GOD. I wish I had read trust pilot before I hired a car with Flizzr in Iceland. I actually did look for reviews on Flizzr in Iceland in general and there were none so I guess I鈥檓 the first. To say they are a disgrace is an understatement. What happened to me yesterday has never happened with a car hire company in my life and now I鈥檓 at present over 鈧?00 in debt because of Flizzr. I鈥檓 convinced it is a scam and guess what????? It鈥檚 happened to loads of other people too????. I hired a car Friday. I was told there were four existing damages to the car before I took it but no one came out with me to check over the car (which is a first), I had a look over it as best I could but as it was lashing rain I didn鈥檛 look at it from every single angle possible. Howandever when I returned the car yesterday, low and behold the guy told me there was a dent in the side rear door and because it wasn鈥檛 noted in the damages (along with all the other damages that haven鈥檛 been repaired) he said I would have to pay 鈧?00!!!! to have it repaired. I had to ask him twice to show me where the dent was because I couldn鈥檛 see it. You had to stand at an angle close to the back of the car and look along the side to even spot it. There鈥檚 no way I would have spotted it on Friday because you wouldn鈥檛 even see it unless you were looking for it. I told him that there was no possible way that it happened while I had the car because we were never anywhere that could result in it happening. Well he couldn鈥檛 care less what I said. He just wanted my card to take the money. I also told him the booking was a joke from the beginning because I was charged twice for the same booking and I鈥檓 still waiting on the refund. He didn鈥檛 respond to that either. It鈥檚 quite obvious that this is a scam as I guarantee you that they charged people for the other damages on the car and never repaired them. Also one of the headlight bulbs was out when we picked up the car but we only realised about a half hour into the journey. This actually made visibility quite difficult on the Friday between the rain and the mist. It also proves the car wasn鈥檛 checked thoroughly by Flizzr. He didn鈥檛 care about that either. The amount of complaints about this company are phenomenal. I鈥檓 just so sorry I didn鈥檛 see them before booking. Everyone is right. You think you are getting value for money but then the company scam you with damages you didn鈥檛 even cause and charge you a repair fee that cost over twice what the car hire cost. I contacted them and they鈥檙e going with this 鈥測ou should have checked the vehicle when you got it first and reported any damages to us鈥? So they want me to do the job of their incompetent staff as well? As I said YOU COULDN鈥橳 SEE THE BLOODY DENT UNLESS IT WAS POINTED OUT TO YOU, SO HOW THE HELL WOULD I HAVE SEEN IT ON FRIDAY. I am sick to my stomach over the whole thing and it has ruined an otherwise great weekend. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I HIRE A CAR FROM FLIZZR OR SIXT. You really do get what you pay for. Crap and incompetent service.

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