5 months ago

So far so good… no problems


1 year ago

Additional, incorrect charges with no explanation -avoid.

Flizzr incorrectly charged us for excess mileage, stating that we traveled 1000km further than we had actually driven, resulting in an additional 拢97 charge. We received no correspondence about this, just an invoice and charge on our credit card, a week after handing the car back.. We picked our car up from the Lisbon North depot, drove to Troia and back with a couple of small 10k trips in the meantime, approx 300km driving. Flizzr incorrectly recorded either our starting mileage or finishing mileage and on handing the car back, they did not state there would be any additional charges or any issues with the car, despite being asked. I have emailed them three times for a response and each email has been ignored. I have no choice but to dispute the payment through my credit card company. Appalling customer service and not interested in discussing any issues with you, once they have your money.


2 years ago

My friend and I rented a car through Sixt car rental in Munich. We drove it though western Austria.
Firstly, our credit card was charged $414 australian dollars without any correspondence as to why. Secondly, it's been one week and we have not received our 300 euro deposit back despite having contacted Sixt THRICE about the issue.
This is terrible! Do not ever rent a car through Sixt!


3 years ago

1- DEBIT CARD NOT ACCEPTED : my payment through a website with a debit card was authorized, but they won't accept debit cards to take the deposit. Of course you won't know this before you arrive at the desk unless you read the conditions… which of course no one usually does. I asked the attendant to try my debit card, just to see if it worked anyway, and she replied that this was not an option. Evidence that this condition is obviously designed to swindle the customer, as no other rental company refuses debit cards. But you know what ? Read paragraphs #2 and #4 and you will see how to do if you don't have a debit card….
2- NO DRIVER'S LICENSE? NO PROBLEM : my friend has a credit card. the person at the desk said that they could add her as a second driver (something like +10鈧?a day) and take her credit card. but, I said, she has no driver's licence. The attendant said there was no problem. So, the company is willing to let someone drive without a driver's licence. No problem for them, as there is an additional cost, and they can take more money from you.
3- GIVING FAKE ADVICE : the attendant said it was better to take the subscription (around 1.50鈧?per day) for the automatic motorway payment, called viaverde. She said that a lot of motorways only worked with this subscription, which is a lie (I live in Portugal, I know it's a lie). No problem for them, as there is an additional cost, and they can take more money from you.
4- MORE THAN OPEN TO BRIBE : the attendant said to a customer next to us that she was willing to accept a debit card if they paid 200鈧?in cash. No problem for them, as there is an additional cost, and they can take more money from you.
5- NOTHING OFFICIAL : as we were asking for a letter testifying that they refused my card, the attendant gave me a simple A4 sheet with her manuscript signature on it. She said they had no stamp, nor official registration number for the company.
6- TRYING TO SELL ADDITIONAL INSURANCE : as I had told her I had my own insurance, the attendant said I should take their insurance because mine was not covering anything. Which is false, I rent cars often and I'm used to hear this lie. No problem for them, as there is an additional cost, and they can take more money from you.
7- CONCLUSION : reading my advice + all the others, you should NOT rent at FLIZZRS unless you are willing to be swindled.

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