Flogas Ireland

11 months ago

This company are currently acting like they do not need customers! Having ordered gas at level 20 on the gauge I have subsequently run out of gas and run out of the temporary supply they fitted too. I have been a customer for 12 years and spent 1000s of euros and now I feel like they are holding me to ransom. I have rang numerous times. I have made complaints to customer service. I've been told the truck broke down, the staff are out sick, they will speak to their managers, etc, etc, I have left a private message on facebook and no ring back and no gas! Previously positive experiences have turned sour! The worst part for me is even when I am speaking to staff I can tell nothing is going to happen soon. Are they actually on strike!?


1 year ago

Stay away, the worst thing I ever did was switching to flogas . Sick of phoning to get lpg delivered. I had to phone 6 times yet still no delivery. My contact after 2 years just ended thank god. Will never return to flogas.


2 years ago

I was a Flogas residential customer for years. No real issues until recently when I switched to another supplier leaving behind a credit amount in my account. Despite numerous attempts to contact their customer service team I am still waiting on the cheque to arrive. It's now 2 full months since requesting refund. Feel really let down as I never "owed" them any money at any point.


2 years ago

Its regarding Irish branch of FloGas – Very poor customer service, since we moved to Flogas there's a number of problems related to account team like incorrect gas rate, they delivered empty tank and told us that truck can come week later to fill it up(cold January)…, tank was delivered but there was a gas leak that we only trace recently, have no update from a flogas rep regarding responsibility for loss of substantial amount of fuel

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