1 month ago

flokinet.is ISP claims to be located in Iceland and Seychelles "to provide a safe harbor for freedom of speech". Unfortunately, this is false: despite paying for allegedly Iceland-based hosting, I received emails from their anonymous "legal team" which uses an IP address in Romania (European Union), not Iceland or Seychelles. Besides, their AS200651 is Romanian, not Icelandic let alone Seychellois. Without any court orders, any notices from law enforcement or whatever, their anonymous "lawyers" in Romania complained about my web page claiming that the content was "against Icelandic law". Like I said, their claims have never been substantiated or confirmed by court orders, notices from law enforcement or whatever. Also, I paid upfront for three years. My advice: stay away from FlokiNET if you need a free-speech/whistleblowing website or a TOR service. Last but not least, their servers were often offline!

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