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1 year ago

I really did not even want to give ANY stars for this company. Our experience with Floor Expo started off OK. They had a hard time maintaining their phone calls and were not prompt in returning phone calls. Communication with them was a nuisance for the most part, but once we were able to get in contact, we proceeded. We purchased flooring for our new open concept kitchen/living area. Let me start by saying the floors were EXTREMELY expensive and we expected proper installation. We have radiant heating in our floor so the company suggested we just glue, not staple to avoid any conflict with our radiant heat pipes. Being the customer (assuming the company and installation crew knew best), we agreed and allowed them to proceed. I had specifically asked the manager, Oscar, how long the flooring needed to adapt to the room temperature and he replied by telling me it only needed a couple days (as it was around (late December) winter time when they installed). The flooring was installed two days later after its arrival. Mind you, we had our heat running for a while before the flooring even arrived. While they were prompt to come and install right away (as we had been waiting a long time to hear back from them in the first place), they did NOT install our floors properly. We have SO MANY gaps where you can see the floor boards underneath. There are also spots where the floor actually MOVES and BOUNCES up and down. It is horrendous for the amount of money we spent on this flooring. We read the policy and it said they would REFUND FOR THE MATERIAL PURCHASED (WHICH WAS THE BULK OF THE PRICE) if there were any issues. They did not comply. They wanted to fight us from the start. THEY DID NOT WANT TO HELP US AT ALL. DID NOT WANT TO MAKE IT RIGHT FOR US AT ALL. First we needed the manufacture to test the product, which it came back that there was NOTHING wrong with it. THEN, We had to have an inspector from a THIRD party come out and examine the flooring. The results came back that "the humidity in the home was not at the proper level at the time the flooring was installed." WHERE WAS OSCAR THE MANAGER WITH THIS INFORMATION PRIOR TO INSTALLATION??? NO WHERE. NOT HELPFUL ONE BIT – THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR US. It is a bunch of bologna. It is absolutely wrong that they are blaming US for this issue, when we were not given any kind of information as to what the "Humidity level" should be. They completely misguided us. What happened to the customer is always right? Especially when they are truthfully RIGHT! They screwed us with this flooring and won't even give us any kind of reimbursement. "It is expressly agreed that Floor Expo Inc.鈥檚 liability regarding defective installation is limited to and customer鈥檚 sole and exclusive remedy is limited to repair or replacement through Floor Expo Inc. of merchandise and its installation by Floor Expo Inc., if determined by the independent inspector to be materially defective. Replacement shall be with the same or equivalent merchandise. In lieu of repair or replacement, Floor Expo Inc. may also agree at its sole discretion to pay customer and customer shall accept as its sole remedy, if selected by Floor Expo Inc., a sum equal to the sum paid by customer for the subject material and installation as appears on this invoice." We should be receiving our money back for this flooring when the material had NOTHING WRONG WITH IT – IT WAS THE INSTALLATION AND THEY DO NOT WANT TO OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKE. It is an outrage and completely wrong. We will NOT be using this company ever again, and would NOT recommend them to ANYONE.


6 years ago

Excellent service and wonderful performance by talented crew of dedicated workers who will surely be called upon whenever we require further flooring.

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