1 year ago

I think our order was beyond them. We had well over 100 m2 of flooring done, bathroom vinyl, LVT and carpet, including stairs.
Not a single room was done on time. They measured the lounge wrongly so had to re-order the carpet, the LVT was not complete on the day they put it down for, nor was the stairs carpet, the silicone seal in the bathrooms had bits missing, they did not have the right door bars in 2 cases. In the end they failed to make 3 completion dates, each was of their picking, despite the fact I kept telling them that they were not allowing enough time (Its part of a big extension and many of the trades had under estimated it). "We have been doing this for years, we know how long its going to take, so yes we will DEFINITELY be done in time for your house warming" But it was not, we have three parties, on three consecutive Saturdays, the carpets were due to be done the week before the first. We still had bits missing on the last party.

The quality of the work is OK, no more. They have used the wrong grippers on the stairs so we have tiny points sticking trough in places. The edge trim for the LVT to stairs is not how we agreed, "we cant do it like that" despite me agreeing it before hand with Ian. Ian is a skilled guy, and cares, but his son (and thus the guys in his team) is not and does whatever he can get away with. The BS excuses we got were ridiculous and really *issed me off. No apologies for repeatedly *ucking up.
I would not use them again.
My friend. also in St Neots. had a big extension at the same time, he used the fitters in Crossed Keys, and had a completely different experience. Cost wise they are about the same. We will go there next time.

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