1 year ago

Don鈥檛 use this company.The floor they sanded initially looked ok eventhough they forgot to put gapfiller in one corner of the room. Now one month later a lot of the gap filler has come out already leaving the flooring unsightly. I complained and they said the aftercareteam would be in touch. That was almost one months ago and I still haven鈥檛 heard back.


1 year ago

Very unprofessional. Didn't turn up for appointment. Office unable to contact Contractors.


2 years ago

The are very shady in their practices. We asked for a quote and sent a floor plan. We were not totally sure the quote was right as the did not list all the rooms so we asked – and they doubled the price. Then when we asked for a formal written quote they just replied 'thank your for your order' which more or less bounced us into accepting. They said it would take four days which made the price appear reasonable, but then they did the job in 7 hours. When we said that clearly they must have made a second mistake on the quote and asked for a reduction they insisted on the price for four days work claiming they had quoted based on the square metres so even though the job was a quarter of the work they estimated they demanded the money with no compromise. Then they almost immediately started threatening to send in debt collectors. Needless to say we will be referring them to trading standards and we won't be using them again or recommending them to anyone.


2 years ago

To say this is THE worst company I have ever dealt with would be a complete understatement.
Had floors done in mid May, they came out less then perfect and work was slightly sloppy(skirting boards were stained and tape left everywhere)
We are now in August , and this has not only not been rectified , but they had the audacity to not show up twice! Over 2 months to sort out a simple issue. Terrible customer service . They will blatantly lie to you.
I have tried to resolve this infinite amount of times, and have tried to personally talk to an owner or director,
And they treat it like it鈥檚 talking to the PM.
After Monday鈥檚 no show I asked for a full refund, which the gentlemen on the phone agreed to…. well what a surprise, this guy has no sort of authority and after emailing him my bank details as requested , he told me he now has to wait for managements. I asked to talk to her personally , but yet again, nothing.
do yourself a favor, HUGE AVOID on this amateur company. You will regret this.
I鈥檓 sure you can find better companies who will treat you with respect .
this company gets a quadrouple thumbs down!


2 years ago

Job to sand 2 rooms and a hallway.

Over 1 week they quoted me four different prices for the same job. Their quotes varied in difference by 拢348 for the same job.

They quoted 拢120 to move a sofa from one end of a room and back.

They're rude via email, don't even know what products they use (when speaking to them over the phone) and over email are simply rude.

Quotes in order over 1 week.
拢985 – mistake
拢565 – mistake
拢625 – mistake
拢637 – last quote (I gave up)

I hired another company (floor-sanding.com) who used the best lacquer (Bona), the best quality sanders, knowledgable staff and it worked out 拢50 cheaper.


2 years ago

Alberto Garcia and his assistant spent 4 days restoring our tired-looking oak floor by sanding, staining and varnishing. It had been oiled originally, and over 15 years had become badly worn (as we were not re-oiling every 6 months). We are hope the varnish finish now will be easier to care for (we paid a bit extra for use of Junkers HP Commercial varnish).

The team worked quickly and hard, moving furniture as needed. (We had stored many items in our bathrooms, so only large pieces of furniture need be moved.) Alberto was particularly patient and helpful when we needed to select our preferred stain colour on the morning of the second day. He prepared 7 samples, and we were very pleased with our final choice of Rustins medium oak.

There are many companies offering these services. I obtained 3 quotes before choosing Floor Sanding Experts. Their quote was not the highest, but I cannot imagine how paying more would have bought us anything superior. Alberto's work has left us feeling delighted with the look of our floor.


3 years ago

I wish I had read these reviews before booking them. They also quoted for 2 days labour and did it in a day. The floor is dull and streaked and I cannot see any sign of filling which was supposed to be included. I reported the problems to the contractor first thing the next morning but got sent to the awful and brusque admin team who have said I need another coat of wax for which there is a charge! No one has inpsected the floor or my complaints.
I have reported them to the National Wood Floor Association of which they are members, except it is based in the US – so another con. Trading standards should be interested………..


3 years ago

I originally gave these guys 2 stars, but I feel the need to downgrade them to 1 star. They use subcontractors to do the actual job, and the job the contractors did was great; I have no issues with the work. So why only 1 star?

Well, the administrative and customer service side of this business is atrocious. First the couldn't do the job, then they could, and then they called to cancel the job because another job had over run. Then on the morning of the job (that had been cancelled) the contractor called to tell me he was on his way, which meant I had to rush to the property which is over an hour from where I live.

The job itself was estimated to take 2 days, but in the end it took only 5hrs, so that was good. When I asked to have the cost estimate revised, they told me that it would still cost the same. When I questioned how a 2-day job that turned out to be a 5-hr job could cost they same, they offered me a 15% discount.

That communication took place by email, but no invoice was issued. I replied stating that I still found it difficult to reconcile how a 5hr job could only cost 15% less than a 2-day job, but that I don't have time to devote to an argument, so I'd pay it anyway. I then received another email threatening "more serious action" and "referral to our debt collection agency" if the matter is not resolved immediately. Seriously? That tone just annoyed me, as did the following up email citing "pressure from accounts and the need to follow a certain procedure". Apparently the procedure is to get heavy handed with customers after a couple of days.

I wish I had been able to work directly with the contractors who did the job.

I am paying the bill with the pitiful 15% discount just to conclude my dealings with these people, but I have found dealing with them to be amateurish and annoying.


4 years ago

I have written this a year after having my floors sanded by this company. Firstly, I should have thought this company may be poor by the amount of time they took to reply to my emails and return my phonecalls. They say you get what you pay, but because their quote was so competitive, I ignored the warning bells. Firstly, they came to do the job on the wrong day, then when I tried to contact them, they took weeks to return my calls to rearrange, to the point where I thought they had gone bankrupt. Before the job was done, there was no mention of taking off my beautiful 1930s skirting boards and after the job, I realised they had chipped all the paintwork with their machine. I have now had to put awful looking beading to cover up the chips. Although it looked lovely to start with, 1 year on and the floorboard filling has all disintegrated and come out and I now have ugly big gaps and drafts coming up through the boards. A really disappointing service and product.

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