8 months ago

So following a 拢236.57 order, 拢175.47 of that were black fleck shower walls boards. I was told that the boards were left in the SERVICE ROAD at the back of my house, between a camper van and my garden fence. When i returned home from work that day….NOTHING there. Because the adhesive and boards were on separate deliveries, I had already taken the adhesive in the previous week through my front door as I was in. I called F2W up and spoke with the boss Adam. He was very helpful too begin with, contacting Tuffnels who were the logistics company. He came back to me to say that I gave Tuffnels authority to leave OFF my property in a service road. Now, I work for the Police, so why the hell would I do this knowing that people steal items!!!! I HAVE NEVER EVER spoken to Tuffnels, although I have tried too. I left it a week as Adam said he had contacted Tufnells to retrieve phone records as proof, nothing to date. I then called Adam back and he suggested him speaking to his accounts department as he wasn't getting anywhere with Tuffnels and it was a probability that he would get new panels delivered to me. This was over a week ago. Now, I am not a person who hounds people, but when I am 拢175 out of pocket and CANNOT complete my bathroom, it gives me the ump. Today, I have spoken twice to F2W and Adam has been taking in deliveries down in the warehouse, but they took my details, TWICE. I then couldn't get through to them, withheld my number and bingo, I got through but Adam couldn't come to the phone….AGAIN!! I need to find out if there is anyway I can take this further as I just want to complete my bathroom so I can start on another project.
To begin with, Adam was very helpful and chatty and knew I was not pulling his leg. I am at my wits end and unhappy with the level of service I have ended up not getting. To ignore a customers calls is unprofessional and damn right rude. I for one will never recommend this company to anyone.

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