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4 months ago

I wish I could have them zero star is it kind of fake web to stealing money? I send lots of massage they said this week no 3 days no 2 days and I asked them for refund and yet NOTHING !! No money no order do I have to do legal action?


4 months ago

Very , very disappointing experience !!!
Even one star is too much for them. I ordered flowers for my girlfriend as a nice surprise. The surprise was for me after I received e-mail that the address was wrong and etc lies . No chance to get in touch with them . No e-mails , Instagram , phone numbers reply . They do this with many people , as I saw all the reviews from other angry customers . At the end the flowers arrived two weeks after in horrible condition . Just came back from the police station after I made official complaint for a online fraud . I recommend everyone to do it, they deserve it . I had to block my card, as I didn鈥檛 know if they will take more money from my bank account . Fingers crossed I will get my money back one day . Worst company ever !!!


5 months ago

I order a 2 piece pant suit from the Florachicshop website from which I got from Facebook on 26th July 2020
The money was taken from my account to the amount of $71.46 AUS$. 27th July.
I followed up twice on parcel due to the length of time.
I received a parcel 16th September 2020.
The item was not what I ordered and I sent a message and photos via messager and email to the company.
I received a reply from both and I responded.
The fact is – I ordered a item in good faith that thought I would receive a quality outfit due to the cost.
Instead 10 weeks later I receive a item that is completely different to what I ordered and not the right size- quality okay.
This is not my fault but the company鈥檚 for sending the wrong item.
Now they feel it is FAIR that I have to pay to return the item – or keep item and they will give me a discount.
I am sorry but that is not good service – if I order a product I should had received that product which I order and the description stated on your website or it is false advertising.
I am out of money for a item and want a 100% refund as I didn鈥檛 get what I ordered and paid for.


5 months ago

This is for Italian side of Florachic-com/it

This is utmost irresponsible!
I made an order on Monday for wednesday, I have written you mail because there is no other contact, to change the address from "Via Private Alfredo 4, Milano", to "Via Privata Alfredo Soffredini 4, Milano", no response. Yesterday I wanted to do it through your website to change the address and it says Error404 page not found, no number or mail to contact anyone.
Not even did your lousy courier SDA contact me nor the recipient to very the address.
Fix the damn website and publish some number whom to contact!
This is the worst online service I've experienced in my life.
I do demand the refund and the courier service can put those flowers up their lazy …!
A diagrace to flowerists!

Order 66862337


5 months ago

I bought 2 items from this company. They send one shirt and some random dress. Then said they would only offer me 20% off and I could keep it. I want a full refund but cannot get a response from the company. A total RIP off.

Oh, and btw, when they say "contact us so we can resolve" it's a scam. I have emailed them 5 or 6 times and get the same automated response each time.


6 months ago

After 3 longs weeks after ordering, I received a package today. As it is never mention on the website, you have to know that it comes from China. Although name and address are correct on the package, the item and the size is not at all what I ordered, not even close, not the same color either. I do not recommend Florachicshop. For my part I have lost time and money. Never again !


6 months ago

Arrived today.
Order nothing to what it's supposed to be
1.wrong material
2.wrong colour

No number to get in contact, sent email no response


7 months ago

The flowers for my mums birthday didn鈥檛 arrive. And I can鈥檛 get a refund or speak to anyone. Terrible service – DO NOT USE: not even sure is real company!!


7 months ago

I have placed an order. Although it was impossible to track as well as talk to them to ask information ( their tracking and contact form does not work) the flowers have been delivered and look nice. I have placed the order for the same day in Italy.


9 months ago

I will report them to the authorities.


10 months ago

They took the payment and never delivered, it's also impossible to contact them.


3 years ago

Not a nice experience. Not recommended. Flowers arrived in bad conditions and late.

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