4 years ago

Very very disappointed by the service.聽I really wanted to like it and was thinking of doing this more often, but not so much now. In short the bunch delivered to my mum (who was NOT happy, let me tell you)聽looked way way smaller than the picture on the聽website. But really, like half the size. On the bunch page the聽website in English reads "聽our local florists are committed to ensure that the floral arrangement will be as closely as possible to the picture and description .聽" so to me that was a clear indication statement that reassured me in my purchase. After delivery though (and phone call from not so happy mum) I聽complained by calling these guys a couple聽of times, talking to different people. Apparently on the website in italian it says聽that the picture聽corresponds to the Delux version,聽whereas I choose the standard. In my mind choosing an upgrade would have made聽the bunch in the聽picture look even richer and bigger, but it turns out it's not so – if you want the bunch in the picture you must upgrade. Anyway, as I realised that this explanation is altogether MISSING聽from the english website I though they would conceded and offer me something as an act of good will. Far from it. They admitted the mistake but聽did not apologise, did not offer me聽anything to repair the situation, primarily caused by an inaccuracy in聽their part. In their view I was the one to blame,聽so they聽simply聽reminded聽me to the T&C.聽

I buy almost everything online, I started in 1996. No company ever reminded me to what is stated in the T&C. Many company in fact prefer to send an item again rather than dealing with a disgruntled customer. When an聽online business prefers to聽loose a customer over something like this, I have to say (as an Italian) that this is a very Italian stuck-the-past mentality. These guys certainly in my view have a long way to go in terms of customer relationship and retention before the can seriously compete online. Good luck with that. And also good luck to you, potential customer if you are considering buying from them. I will certainly steer clear in the future.

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