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1 year ago

We used them for dog walking all most a year and we never liked their policy of having to pay for a month of services BEFORE the month started. this was an anticipated # of days which did not work out for us because there were always days when we needed to cancel some days due to working from home or being sick. then a credit for unused (but paid) days was never clear and seemed to favor the company and not the customer.
their accounting system is questionable, we had increases to our walk fee without notice and if you pay by credit card you are charged an extra 3%.
when asked for an invoice each month, it was like an unheard of request. it took 3-4 months (and many calls and emails to remind them) until they finally sent me past invoices and then each month we got one before the end of the month so we could pay by check to avoid their 3% fee.
they were dependable on walkers but we cancelled them due to their attitude and lack of solid accounting practices.
AND i asked for a refund of the days i cancelled in December and was told they do not give refunds but apply to the next month and i said we cancelled your service, i want my money back and she said no…read your contract. to me it would just be proper customer service to refund us the $100 but they don't seem to get it.
Very questionable customer responsiveness.
every time i said something to Dave, he said he would talk to ramie and she would get back to me which NEVER Happened.
done with them.
We never used them for boarding or grooming.

read others reviews (YELP AND BBB) before hiring or shopping there. this is not a one customer complaint.

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