3 months ago

I bought through this site 1000 followers to boost a little bit my new page on instagram.

Of course, it said it's guarantees within 30 days the service.

I had a massive growth and then in weeks started to decrease considerably. I contacted them several times, telling that I am not happy with the way they deliver and I would like my money back as I don't want to see how my followers drop and ask them every day to refill them. What happens after 30 days? U have low followers – NOT over 1000 – NOT even you get what you BUY. And then you are NOT their problem anymore as their 30 days guarantee passed.

This is an awful service, and most of the time a scam. I am paying for something you don't know if it's going to stay? I am paying for a 7 days full followers and then bye?

What is this? They also don't refund the money I might just say bye to my money and followers.

DO NOT BUY WITH THEM. I am deeply disappointment and I don't recommend.


5 months ago

Paid $100 for 10k followers. Within a day they dropped 4k and I reached out asking for a refund. The provided refills, which were pointless. Followers fluctuated 2-4k per day. If Followersup doesn't constantly refill the followers, you will lose all of the followers they added, so the service is basically worthless. Their satisfaction guarantee is a lie and they battled with me quoting other users' statistics and false numbers, despite the fact that I reached out within two days of the order and issue. They refunded me 17% based on the, at the time, 1.7k missing followers; as if, that is a way to measure service. You don't pay a plumber if they only install 75% of the piping and the piping constantly leaks water. Please don't use this service or your money will be wasted.


7 months ago

Good actually the best


1 year ago

paid, but no response and no followers, fake company.
i lost my money 39$ for nothing!!


1 year ago

BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not use. They do not deliver as described in website. I bought service. They didn't start likes until 2 days later. They did 2 like posts the advised technical difficulties and they are working on it. Never heard from them again. Requested refund…still heard nothing. Had to go through my credit card. The 1-800 number they provide doesn't work. It answers and then hangs up on you. Worse company ever!! Definitely stick with American company. If I could rate then a negative zero, i would!


1 year ago

The followers are mass generated bots that get deleted few days later. Total waste of money.
Big boo for for endorsing such scam as something trustworthy!

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