9 months ago

FundThrough cut off all their customers lines of credit overnight without say a word to anyone as they panicked with COVID-19. There wasn't a process in place, they just decided to cut everyone off. Actually, FundThrough is a great name for the company because for all intents and purposes, they're through… or at least they will be soon enough.

In our particular case, they approved a draw against the credit line and when it didn't arrive after four days, found out that they were "mid-decision" on cutting everyone off and mine just happened to come through in the midst of that and… they were "sorry" but refused to honor the transaction in spite of having written confirmation.

FundThrough violated their own terms (aka breach of contract) and I have promised them that I will go through whatever necessary hoops I can to put them out of business. Basically, they'll probably go under anyhow because unlike other companies that kept things rolling without a hiccup, one can only assume they were already on shaky financial ground.

A great relationship went straight to the lowest possible depths over this action. I gave them several options to make this good including solutions that would still not require them to honor their obligation on that transaction, but they dug their heels in and called my bluff.

This is just one of many complaints you'll find from us about FundThrough. OUT OF BUSINESS is the best status to put FundThrough at. They now know the only way to stop me is to buy me for a handsome amount of money. BUT, now I'll be making demands that will benefit the entire customer base. I can do that… I'm the CUSTOMER and all it takes to go out of business is to lose one customer at a time… much easier when you basically delete all of them in one swoop. Well, FundThrough, you know what to do.

We highly recommend FundBox (not to be confused with FundThrough). They didn't throw their customers into the ocean when COVID-19 struck. They knew this was the time we (the customer base) needed them the most, and they have not let us down.

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