1 month ago

This company sends illegal emails, violating the CAN-SPAM Act laws FREQUENTLY. They engage with a criminal enterprise and turn a blind eye to federal regulations to increase their sales. The law is clear; they are responsible for monitoring companies they hire to manage their marketing. (NYT's DIRECT) They send "commercial content" from a different email address every time, so one cannot block the unwanted spam. I have no "transactional" relationship and have not given either party consent to SPAM email me. I do not trust companies that use illegal ad tactics. I would not recommend this company because they are aware of their infractions, yet continue. According to the FCC CAN-SPAM Act, each email sent is a violation with a $43,280 penalty. They are sending these to thousands of people. I am sending a copy of this SPAM to the FCC SPAM enforcement team. I will post this and other similar messages on Trustpilot every time I get these emails to lower your Trust score. Every interaction I have with your company, I will post another. Do not reply, asking me to unsubscribe or provide you with my information. It's your responsibility to manage your third-party marketing relationships per the Act. Unsubscribing using the third-party marketing partners tool only confirms my email address, which they will use for other campaigns. GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

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