2 years ago

I chose Richard Ward and his wonderful team for my father Bryan鈥檚 funeral, and it was the best decision I鈥檝e ever made. They were the most professional and dedicated people I鈥檝e ever met. Everything that I wanted, even the most smallest things, were treated with 100 percent attention to detail. The kindness that they showed to myself and my mother Pearl was outstanding.

My Dad was 80 but his attitude was far younger than that, so when he passed away in May 2018 it was the biggest shock that my Mum and I have ever experienced. Neither of us have ever had to put a funeral together before (my Dad previously did any family funerals). So when my Dad unexpectedly passed my Mum and I were thrown into a situation we had absolutely no experience of.

I tried my best to learn a lot from the internet, and I came across Richard Ward鈥檚 listing online. I liked what I read in the reviews, and he was the only one that I came across who listed his prices on his website. Others don鈥檛 do that for obvious reasons, because they don鈥檛 want you to know the prices in advance. I arranged a meeting with Richard. Everything seemed very good so I went ahead with him as our Funeral Director. From that moment on everything worked perfectly.

His advice was invaluable, and he was very flexible with all the things I wanted to do.

My Mum and I went to do the viewing of my Dad the day before the funeral. It was one of the most calming experiences we鈥檝e ever had. My Dad looked so calm and peaceful. Seeing him like that has been such a good and helpful part of our grieving process.

On the day of the funeral, which was on 7th June 2018 at Christ the King Church Leicester, every last detail that we had planned was carried out in complete perfection. The bearers did an excellent job as well.

I should also make a special mention for Naomi as well. She helped me so much on the phone, by email and in person. No request was too difficult, and she did such a good job with my Dad for the viewing. My Mum and I will always be grateful for that.

I know there must be some people in Leicestershire who aren鈥檛 close to Enderby who are reading this and thinking they鈥檇 rather deal with a funeral director who is closer to them. Well we live six miles from Enderby, so we鈥檙e not local, and we鈥檙e so glad we did have Richard and his team. No other funeral director could have worked harder or more professionally than Richard and his team.

You may have a funeral director closer but wouldn鈥檛 you rather know that everything will definitely be done with absolute professionalism and perfection. And when it comes to the bigger companies, sure they may be bigger but that means they can be cold and impersonal too. With Richard everything was very personal, very kind and very friendly. It felt like they treat everyone with dignity and as if they鈥檙e members of their own family.

My Dad was such a wonderful person. He was so kind and gentle and loving. I literally don鈥檛 have one bad memory of him. He would do anything for anyone. When he passed I was desperate to pay proper tribute to him and for him to be treated well. Thanks to the help of Richard I feel that we achieved that.

We鈥檒l never get over his loss of course, but I feel very good that we chose the right people to help us through such a difficult and traumatic time. Thank you Richard, Naomi, Claire and everyone at Richard Ward.

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