Geekay Games
8 months ago

I ordered a PS Plus Membership from them a week ago and haven't received it yet. They don't respond to emails either just an automated response each time you send them one. It's a complete waste shopping there, especially online. Now they have my money but I don't have my PS Plus code.


8 months ago

they never have the thing you want, slow responses


9 months ago

So this has been the worst experience ever by Geakay Games. I don鈥檛 like to start my post with a negative tone but the poor service I received from Geakay Games and their faulty products not to mention their very slow response and incompetent support are really agitating and it is crucial to let everyone know so they don鈥檛 suffer like we did.

It is a real shame that one of the largest gaming retailers in Middle East fails to provide a normal customer service.

We have ordered a game switch for our 8-year-old boy on his birthday to make him happy since he was sad we can't celebrate it due to current COVID-19 lockdown, however when trying the game it didn鈥檛 work, we contacted your customer service by email to request a replacement. We suggested giving the product for you to review when we visited the store the other day.

However, your store manager 'Dave' stated that couldn't be possible as the retail stores had no connection with the 'online' business. So all in all your customer service is not very helpful (to put it mildly) and we have no interest in travelling back to the store again to be informed they cant help me. Furthermore, you told us 'You can bring it to our nearest store and our associates will be more than happy to assist you with it. The store timings for Mirdiff is 12pm to 10 pm'.

Then you are telling me a technical assistant needs to view the product before proceeding with any sort of action. Then you manipulate the proof and send a picture of a product that鈥檚 not ours…!!!!! All in all very confusing twisted and perplexing.

we appear to be going around in circles with you and all we are requesting is the replacement of the faulty game.

You didn鈥檛 even bother to reply to my continuous emails till now! The only response I got from them stating that they can't replace the switch cause it is defected and they attached a picture of a faulty switch that doesn鈥檛 belong to us, although we have sent them a proof picture of how the switch looked like right before we send it back, all we received as response is鈥ilence鈥?br />

We are most annoyed that we wasted more than 2000 AED and spend days on back and forth emails following with your customer service just to replace the faulty game but sadly with no solution till date. Not to mention that the excitement of the 8-year-old kid went straight out of the window because of your bad customer service.

To summarize ..
Decades of
horrible customer service
faulty products
Manipulating proofs and facts..
Incompetent customer support..
Not sure what is your turn around time or average speed of handling emails or responding to customers, from what I have experienced, it takes ages to get a response to one email.
No customer happiness standard at all
Retail store has no connection to the online business!

A real example of a horrible customer service. You didn鈥檛 just lose a customer, you lost a kid's passion, he was so happy he will play super Mario on his birthday, will leave you to imagine the frustration your services caused to our family.

I need a solution please ASAP before I escalate this further.

Dear All,

Please stop buying from Geakay Games until they provide good quality products and transparent customer service.



10 months ago

Bad service

I've ordered an item a week ago and it has been stuck in processing hell, tried contacting them many times and they don't even have the items I ordered even though they already took my money


1 year ago

Geekay is a good place to buy video games but not figures, the figures are more expensive than some other stores, and some of the employees are bad at customer service and some are good, I would only recommend buying some video games and some figures from them, and I would also recommend to check the prices before purchasing from them.

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