3 months ago

This is about Gold Stone Inc. on Sulekha, a training provider. This is a fake company with a cheater named Mohit or Raj or someone else (as the trainer gives out different names to different people). He would initially be after you and trap you saying he is not greedy as he is on his retirement age and just wants to help people by providing good training. He would also give a couple of free sessions and ask you to pay through Zelle transfer when you finally decide to enroll. That's exactly when trouble starts. He would miss the classes or would come 25-30 mins late and would give rubbish excuses. After getting tired when you ask to return your money, he will stop answering your calls and responding emails.


9 months ago

Big SCAMMMMMMM … Do NOT attend any training from this instituition I took the RPA Training … only time they will call when they need the tuition money payments… No one responds the email ..LIAR.. .. no job placement service .. Nothing … Training Sales person Akash .. does not even respond any more … BBB reviews are correct .. this company is SCAM… .. big time …

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