George Street 20 Hornsby 2077 Australia
10 months ago

Very happy overall experience, I was able to get my issue fixed very quickly


1 year ago

booked geeks to connect new IP to incredimail service already in use. First tech unsuccessful- called geeks to have tech return. Another 3 calls for this tech, who never answered call. Arranged for another tech ( took day off work), cancelled 5 mins before appt. Appt made for next day (again lost work)- this time tech never showed up, no-one seemed to know where he was, and no call from techy. Arranged for 4th appt with different tech. At least he turned up and was nice, but my original problem unable to be addressed. BUT I WAS STILL CHARGED THE ORIGINAL $159-00!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 year ago

Used Geeks2U service to help with speeding up my Mac and general maintenance. They did absolutely nothing to help with the speed of the computer and downloaded programs and made suggestions that all meant further spending on my part. Stay away if you are anything like me and don鈥檛 know much about computers because they will take advantage of it for sure!


1 year ago

The tech arrived on time, fixed my fried hard drive and was happy to answer all of our inane IT queries. The company I work for has been using these guys for years, never had a problem.


2 years ago

Tablet really did not like installation of new security app , flickered a lot , turned it off and then screen would not light up. Tried on line help , showed some life but could not get it back.
Called geeks2u and said what happened and that I was keen to keep images. The Samsung shop automatically wipes off data so gave that a miss.
Engineer sounded encouraging about saving data , but after nearly 2 weeks , several calls for up dates, some deep mining to retrieve data (ummm,mm ?) and 拢160 payment, got tablet back no images and new system installed, do presumably it was wiped clean and minus cover .
Cover was a cheap one but would have liked it back after asking a few times and paying 拢160

Not sure how long a job like this would take, seems a common problem, charging not clear so overall not recommend

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