Automatic Fishing Floats


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Durable Fishing Float: This float is made of high-quality materials that have been finely processed and designed to be strong and lasting. The floating rod is constructed of a high-carbon material that is resistant to deformation and has a high level of resilience and stability.

VISIBLE FISHING FLOATS WITH HIGH SENSITIVITY: The floating body is comprised of high-quality EVA materials and is extremely elastic. Once the fish bites the hook, you will receive immediate signals.

FISHING BOBBERS WITH ADJUSTABLE VERSATILITY: Because you can alter the slip bobber rig to expose your bait at any depth and keep it in the strike zone for longer, it is incredibly versatile.

TFLUORESCENT PAINT WITH HIGH VISIBILITY: Fluorescent paint with high visibility. Aiding the angler in visually recognizing a fish bite.


  • Material: Stainless steel, EVA
  • Size: 7.9*1.6 inches


  • 1*Automatic Fishing Float
  • 1*Fishing line
  • 3*Fishing hooks

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