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Swimming Action That Looks Real: Paddle tail shape with ultra soft material creates a very appealing swimming action that attracts hungry fish. Closely resembles the appearance and swimming behavior of a real baitfish, making it impossible for hungry fish to ignore.

Authentic Details: Target fish won’t be able to miss this shad soft plastic bait with ultra-realistic features. A highly detailed fish scale design, fish gills plate, and ultra-realistic 3D eyes are included on the shad lure. With a flash foil in the belly to produce reflection under the water, which is useful on days when you need that flash, and so will attract more bites.

Simple To Rig: Use a weightless hook, jighead, or small weighted hook to fish the shad bait, or rig it as a drop shot, Carolina, Texas, shakey, or wacky with an extra-wide gap hook.

Multiple Functions: Fish of all sizes will attack the soft plastic bait because it can replicate a variety of natural-looking actions. Bass, trout, panfish, crappie, rockfish, mackerel, smallmouth bass, and stripers love these soft baits.


These soft and lifelike baits are manufactured of high-quality soft plastic, are extremely well-crafted lures for durability and flexibility, and do not easily rip.

  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 2.7g(1 PCS)
  • Size: 2.75″


  • Soft Bionic Fishing Lure (10 pcs)

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