7 months ago

Profiting out of COVID selling fabric for face masks then claiming said fabric might be infected?! Reassuring to see the foul experience I鈥檝e had is not exclusive to me – this company are selling fabric that bares little resemblance to description in colour or type of material because it鈥檚 poor quality they refuse to refund and then charge a random sum, so theft, misdescription and very ugly responses not a professional business AVOID.


3 years ago

I brought some material from this company which came with black marks all over it. I believe it was from the machine during production.

I contacted them to explain but they replied with the material is rustic! If I brought the material in a shop and saw the marks I wouldn鈥檛 have paid for it but I didn鈥檛 have a choice buying online.

They advised me to cut the marks out with scissors but be careful not to cut it! At 拢15 a metre I don鈥檛 expect to have to do this at home.

I won鈥檛 be buying material online again.

They also never replied to my second email so won鈥檛 buy from or recommend this company.

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