Face Studio Garland

7 years ago

The first time I went there I had a good experience with Bill. He is an excellent tattooist. However his wife Beth who runs the show with an iron fist and with a corporate mentality is impossible to deal with. She is only interested in money and not in service. She could care less is you are satisfied with their services. She only works by appointment and its AOK if they are late but if you are late then it is not ok. They never answer their phone so you can never talk to them. Only if she calls you then it's ok. If you want to book something and it is not on their list in the manner that they have it listed then you get a call from Beth saying you don't know what your are doing. She is just downright rude. She is also a cheat. I had a living social coupon that I bought for $85.00 and she marked it as used with living social and I never used it. Why??? because she said she needed to charge me $50.00 for a no show appointment even though I explained to her that I had an emergency. So, she stole $85.00 from me and I got no service from them. I GOT ZIPPO and lost $85.00. STAY FAR FAR AWAY. KEEP YOU MONEY. THERE ARE FAR MORE HONEST BUSINESSES OUT THERE. Don't let it happen to you.

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