Face Yoga Method

1 month ago

Did not get axess to face yoga exersizes after payment. Did not get a confirmation e-mail. Can not log in. Only payed 27 euro, via PayPal so I'm lucky. Beware!


3 months ago

A lot of fun and good practical knowledge. Love the program.


4 months ago

So pissed about this company. I M still waiting my full refund money back. They Don t answer in 24/48 hrs and they sugarcoat every concern you may have. Be AWARE! The teaching class is over price and you Don T learn much more than what you find out there. BE AWARE


5 months ago

I'm so disappointed!
I purchased the Teacher Certification Course cause I had some question when I did the Bootcamp (which ist way cheaper and comes with better explanations)!
What you get are very OLD videos (even the videos in the bootcamp are newer). You get some $#*!ty pdfs, some of them are very blurry. The explanations on the pdfs are a JOKE! You do not get any information! Just benefits (if it Is true, since I did not see ANY change) and which muscles are used.
The workshop is another thing. Fumiko Takatsu is NOT focused at all! She is always confused and distracted when she try's to explain something. It looks like she is not prepared for the workshop. Those workshops are not even workshops. It's just 2 hours of her talking. She try's to sell books and stuff in the first 20min then gets into the exercises where she always is not focused and often has to read something. She says she developed face yoga, so why does she has to read about her poses and stuff?!
Then she answers some questions of the students. Of course not all questions just the ones which are convenient for her.
It all looks very unprofessional. She also has the windows open and the watchers have to listend to the ocean outside her window, which is kinda annoying since it's hard to understand her!

So, for 4000.- you all you get are very old videos, $#*!ty and low quality pdfs and and a 2h blabla.
If you pay for the bootcamp and watch her free YouTube videos you get more than you get for 4000.-!
THIS is ridiculous!


8 months ago

Extremely disappointed. Turns out to be all about greed
My advise avoid and look in you tube for free ive found lots good advise and exercises that have helped me somewhat. And least its Free!


9 months ago

I paid with my paypal and I was charged for one course and one e-book. I have never received any e-mail, and their custormer support did nor reply to my e-mail inquiry. I liked the inro video, but now it feels like a complete scam!!!


10 months ago

The face yoga method does work, but I found a lot more value in following videos on YouTube rather than this overpriced system- this women is enterprising in a fake way/ I'm trying to deal with her Group it's obvious that she is creating community solely for profit and has a very greedy attitude when it comes to expanding repertoire outside what will benefit her personally rather than holistically to the group .. I purchased some products and then in working with her, felt patronised and taken from . It isn't good karma to purchase these programs


11 months ago

I do like the exercises – facial yoga/exercise is pretty established in Japan, so I'd bought a couple of books, and I'm happy to have video instructions. It takes a lot of work to be certified in the method, and clearly the instructor, Fumiko, and her associates (SIL?) have put some thought into the business model. There have been some different purchasing options they tried over time, and I don't really like the subscription-like model. I'd rather pay something upfront and have access to the courses, which is possible, but it can be somewhat pricey. The website is not the best functioning one either (esp for the price) – I've been trying to check "Mark This Day As Complete" for the past 10 days in a face toning boot camp program, but the button never works, and it reverts back to the landing page. So my progress doesn't get recorded, which makes it slightly less satisfying to use the site.

The videos are mostly good, but I find some parts of it annoying. I don't mean to be judgmental, but I find that recording yoga/exercise instruction videos with your dog a little unprofessional. And I've had dogs and I like dogs. It's one thing for an 18-year-old youtuber to have her dog/cat in her makeup review videos, but these are supposed to be instructional videos people pay for, and she gets distracted/interrupted by her dog and giggles. You might think "Oh, that sounds cute and charming," but in the course of a "boot camp," you get to watch that same segment over and over and over, exactly knowing (and anticipating) when she looks at the dog and giggles at the same spot every day. As if she expects us to say "Awww, isn't he cute." (I'm sure they've only listened to those people who say "Awww" and ignored others, or people just don't say anything, so they thought "Great idea! We love our pooch, everyone else must!") That gets extremely annoying quickly, and this comes from a dog lover – imagine someone who doesn't even like dogs. That would be like a childless person being forced to see the same baby video on facebook every day at work, mom giggling, being asked "See, isn't my baby adorable?"

Another annoying thing is the merch plug. She sells skincare products and gadgets, whose cheaper versions are available everywhere – eg Amazon. She brands them and sells the same things (like "ultrasonic" face cleanser, etc.) you can buy for $10-$30 less with a markup, and acts like she's doing you a favor ("I'll let you in on a secret!" kind of attitude). I mean, if someone has been living under a rock and has never Googled or bought stuff on Amazon, maybe they'd consider that a discovery, but I feel like they should stick to face yoga, which is what they're qualified to teach. It gets to be a little too salesman-sy that way. If they have the time to scheme additional ways to make money, I wish they invested that time/money on the site, so it works correctly.


1 year ago

Don't fall for this fraud. She may seem sweet on the videos, but money brings honey. Do not be fooled like me. The negative reviews are deleted by someone paid by the company. Too many good reviews, no average reviews is a major red flag. The book is also way overpriced. Also, Yoga is an an ancient INDIAN practice. How dare she take that idea (unoriginal, facial exercise methods have been around for years) and call it yoga? That's offensive. I'm not even Indian, I'm just not ignorant. This is nothing but a trendy con.


2 years ago

This is a wonderful method of restoring your looks. The creator has spent ten years learning what is needed to exercise the muscles in the face, and her exercise routine is amazing. You will definitely get results. I couldn't be happier.


3 years ago

I purchased the Face Yoga Method for $129.00 on 4/9/17 and tried to watch the streaming online videos (they only have an online service, not real videos that they send in the mail) on four (4) different computers (MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and my HP desktop) and the videos would not play. I contacted customer service and asked for a FULL refund of my money over a month ago, and the only response I have gotten is from a "Silvina Mart铆nez" asking me to please retry the videos and that she has refunded my money, but this IS A LIE because there is no refund for $129.00 back to my credit card after many, many attempts to get my refund as promised in their money-back guarantee when I signed up for their product. There are no legitimate reviews for www.FaceYogaMethod.com or Face Yoga Method online and I find that highly suspicious. When I tried to post a comment about this on their Facebook page, they deleted it. DON'T GET HOOKED INTO THIS SCAM!

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