8 months ago

Can someone from Facebook Ads,please tell me what is going on with my business page, it has been dormant for over a month and can not get anyone to answer my concerns, we are running Charity Ads and have had them interrupted,a meme was sent out which I put on my page, Facebook says it insights hurt and suffering, could not believe this, I went to my page and there it was still functioning and no one else got this,am not understanding why no one has remedied this
Ever since this Covid19 nothing but problems,I have had to make a other page now there is a problem with billing on my new page all ads of stopped their reason I have reached limit
Utter nonsense my page says I have used 拢16 of a 拢30 limit, it makes no sense
The worst thing is no one gets back to you
We can not go on like this, it is not correct Facebook is a business platform that I have used since 2009
Facebook please help me remedy this, this is a huge problem


9 months ago

Limited functionality of the device aside, their customer service is absolutely horrible. I ordered the device, it wasn鈥檛 fit for purpose and way too expensive for what it was, and therefore I decided to return it. But Facebook made it an absolute mission – you need to contact their team to manually request a return and refund, no automatic option like on other websites, they鈥檙e not trying to understand what you need and your return preferences. I got sent a return label but as I don鈥檛 have a printer at home and am unable to go to the office because of lockdown, I asked for a QR code to be sent to print out a label at a Collect Plus store but they said they couldn鈥檛 do it (why not? All other retailers who I use can!) having complained about it, Facebook stopped replying to my messages and left me hanging with an overpriced item hanging on my credit card which I wasn鈥檛 able to return and get the money back, especially when the financial situation is a bit tight at the moment. Stay away from them for your own good!


9 months ago

Stupid ad coming in the middle of youtube music during workout, super annoying.


10 months ago

I would leave zero stars if I could.

If you value Customer Service please don鈥檛 make the same mistake I did and buy directly from Facebook. The payment system is glitchy, which left me unsure if the order went through.
I entered 2 delivery addresses and my address as the invoice address. The 2 portals were delivered to me, resulting in me needing to pay almost 拢27 to send them on (Parcelforce 48 required for enough cover and weight just over the 200gms limit for small parcel!).

I contacted FB via email, as that is the only way to contact them. Requesting they refunded the cost. No can do, I entered my address for delivery. I sent evidence that I didn鈥檛. I asked why I had to delivery tracking numbers if I requested them both to be delivered to me. That question was ignored, I was just given instructions on how to return the portals to them, as it鈥檚 not possible to reimburse my additional cost. I have emailed daily requesting, details on how I make an official complaint or for the complaints department to call me. My emails have gone unanswered since Tuesday. I don鈥檛 think the current issue with Covid-19 is relevant as I was having replies every couple of hours on the Monday!

My advise if you鈥檙e thinking of buying a FB Portal, if you care about the service, DONT buy direct from FB all they care about is having your money!


10 months ago

I ordered two portals from Facebook several weeks ago. They contacted me six days ago to tell me there was a problem with the payment and that delivery was not going to be sometime soon. I decided to cancel the order which I did using their online form – the only way it could be done as there are no call centres any more. I also contacted my credit card provider. Yesterday, Facebook took 拢238 out of my account. I know things are bad right now but it is no excuse for this sloppy and disturbing behaviour. I'm waiting to see if they send the Portals, cancel the order and give me my money back, or what. It鈥檚 a complete shambles.


11 months ago

Been trying to order 4 portals for 2 days now, never get response from emails.



1 year ago

Just now
FAKE/FACEBook Officially Crossed the Line And CURSED THEMSELVES BEYOND Healing
ALERT BEWARE: If You are posting anything that is truth or passion of what you love to do, or tell people to go ground, gaze and live off the land etc and live life to the fullest, YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL BE SUBJECT TO BEING COMPLETELY DISABLED FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER, and NO You will not be able to download your videos or photos or any of your content, even if you have been on facebook, youtube, Vimeo archon artificial soulless intelligent beings FOR MANY YEARS, They will take away all your content forever. I lost over 800 videos, 233 videos on vimeo hence #AntiVIMEO and NOW We are introducing #ANTIfacebook, have you ever had a BAD EXPERIENCE where facebook unethically removed your content for no reason, or an entire account and never gave you any reasoning? POST YOUR EXPERIENCE BELOW; We are going to create an ULTIMATE ANTI FACEBOOK BLOG For the world to see and leave a review on trustpilot on how they are being dishonest and they are still a company and should uphold valor and honor to Integrity and doing what is right when no one is looking. I have lost over 11 years worth of work, videos and photo content that I will never be able to retrieve and get back. This is the time I feel everyone should log off of facebook for good. We don't Need it. In doing a WEEK LONG WATER FAST, I planned on going a whole week , and on the third day I realized that FACEBOOK WAS STEALING MY LIFE FROM ME. 100 Million facebook users will log off facebook for good. It does nothing good. Think about all the people and likes and videos; it is wasting our LIFE, there is NOTHING Pertinent Or Important on here, unless the MESSAGE IS TO GET OFF OF THIS DAMN HEXED APPLICATION. Stop reading this and plan to not be a SLAVE TO SOCIAL MEDIA or the COMPUTER, SMART PHONE or INTERNET IN GENERAL. You Archons must do as I say. We need to get off of here, there is one last lunar eclipse happening right now. GO OUTSIDE AND GROUND. This is beautiful Weather.

This is actually the 8th account I have had to remake. I don't promote HATE OR RACISM, or sex or anything that is illegal. However I spent hours of my life on here promoting to make a better world and bring forth heaven peace and serenity on earth. These Luna Saturn satan followers will have to bow down to me soon, as I am the ULTIMATE BEYOND GOD there is, their moment is coming to an end as I have complete and total control over their platforms. As well as their existence.

They also continue to removed my #OfficialBlackSunBAbyMOVIE and I am re uploading it as we speak. So Get ready, when it uploads, I want everyone to watch it, but also share it, and let it be the very last documentary you view. Also DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR COMPUTER. It is all we need to know in this world. Let it be your WORD, it is the NEW BIBLE per se, as it is the LAST LITERAL Piece of the BIBLE that was COMPLETELY TAKEN OUT which would change the WORLD FOREVER if people ever got this message straight. They would stop being a SLAVE and we would create our UTOPIA HERE NOW ON EARTH the HEART. This is our HOME, let us take it back over. This shall be the end of them. We are resonating at the HEART CENTER.



1 year ago

What is this bad


1 year ago

they are rasist they bounce people from facebook with out reson..

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