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Again very disappointed with facebook, controlling freaks fascist dictators , I guess I am their target now, they won't let me express freedom of speech!, I saw a video of ungrateful arabs were throwing out food to the river, , and I just made a comment …ungrateful arabs, and because of it , I had been banned for 30 days, isn't that ridiculous disgusting disgrace?…., only because I tell the TRUTH?…. AND i WILL NOT STOP SAYING WHAT I FEEL… I'M SURE A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL AGREED WITH ME TOO


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The power of the internet as a source of communication and entertainment is known to the people all over the globe already owing to the ease in life that it has brought about. The world that has been reduced to the status of a global village owing to the advent of the internet now sees it being used as one of the major tools in the field of business and marketing. You may be surprised to know that the internet is one such place where millions of dollars are earned in a span of no time. Hence, it is high time that one is well versed with the concepts like facebook bot and the free facebook software that are very popular among the businessmen at present.

There is always a tendency among the people to have interest in anything that is free and same is the case with the free facebook software and facebook bot. Talking about the free facebook softwares, there is an entire range of them that have been designed so as to meet the needs of the people who possess different interests. The applications cover aspects such as gaming, graphics and word processing. The reliability and the utility of these softwares have always been questioned by the people. Thus it is very important to ensure that before you actually make up your mind to go with one of these softwares, a thorough study of it is done.

There is a separate page on facebook where complete details about all the free facebook software and the various categories they fall under is given so as to ensure that people with different interests can choose the one that connects with them the best. The facebook symbian software is also in demand among people, as this enables them to find the free softwares to suit the needs of their mobile device.

Another feature that has managed to attract lot of people towards it owing to its uniqueness and the ease that it brings about in the maintenance of the profile is facebook bot. In simple terms, facebook bot is an application that has been designed to make it easy for a person to keep track of his endeavors on the social networking site, facebook. Use of facebook bot helps a person manage his multiple profiles without much of a difficulty. The tagging of pictures and posting of comments too are made possible with it.

Like how every good thing has a bad side to it, facebook bot can be a threat to the security aspect of an account and hence facebook doesn鈥檛 really entertain the use of bots. Thus, one needs to be careful to use it within limits.


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Facebook, once used mostly by the students in order to connect to their friends online has now turned into an online kingdom of more than 400 million users with an amazing growth rate of 145% in 2009 and still growing. This for sure is a larger network than Google now. Facebook as we all know now is the largest site on the World Wide Web. Surveys have come to a conclusion that facebook user spends atleast an average of thirty minutes a day on facebook.

This clearly proves that facebook is now the site that is most used by people worldwide. As more and more users signed up with facebook, it began to be used by business personnel and also as a free online base for marketing companies to exhibit the latest offers and developments. This undoubtedly drew amazing results as the relevant offers were found to be interesting to the corresponding customers. Thus it would be wise to use facebook for marketing purposes too with the help of fb marketing software.

The fb marketing softwares provide a great deal of convenience for the marketers who want to show up their products and services on facebook. In facebook it is easy to draw the attention of users through the advertisements and fan pages. This is one easy way for the customers and users to directly leave feedbacks and share suggestions so that you would easily come to know about your present status from the users. Also this gives the advantage for you to draw more users of facebook by posting things on walls. Be sure to make the wall attractive so as to grasp the viewers鈥?attention. You can post and link your marketing blog to this facebook account too, so that the interested users can get more details about it on the blog that would result in getting you more traffic.

Another tool that has been greatly in demand among the people owing to the amazing results that it has been producing over the years is the fb account creator. The fb account creator is one such amazing tool that can be used to automatically create an account and confirm all the information too. The software has been designed so as to help the internet marketers in their efforts of getting things done automatically. Thus, if you are an internet marketer who thinks big and wishes to have huge success in all your endeavors on the internet, then fb marketing software and the fb account creator are all that you need to remain in the race.

However, the point that needs to be kept in mind is that since facebook has become quite stern these days when it is the question of multiple accounts and some other aspects pertaining privacy issues. Thus, care needs to be taken in this regard.


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As we all know facebook has crossed a landmark of over 400 million users worldwide and still increasing every day. Facebook has become an epicentre for marketers and big brands to use its platform for establishment and promotions. The three important aspects on which facebook power harnessed are:

鈥?Brand exposure: Facebook market analysis shows that facebook is driving crazy interests of small business owners to big brands worldwide. This is just beginning as the future will show where exactly and what new expertise will be added to facebook to attract more brands and advertisers in coming future. E-commerce industry however booming rapidly which is big reason for any business owner to diversify and think of alternate options available.

鈥?Traffic generation: One of the biggest elements for any website owner online will be driving quality traffic to their website so that they can make best use of it. As in 2010 a marketer hardly can be at the sake of search engines to get natural traffic on regular basis. So traffic generation using facebook ads, fan pages or groups will be of much interest to all website owners. The simplicity of facebook platform is actually attracting lot of users to be a part of it, which is actual interest of any marketer.

鈥?Sales: Many small to big brands and even small business owners will be trying to harness the resource of facebook to get their brand attention on people. It is the easiest of things to them to get sales using facebook with 400 million users worldwide. Getting targeted visitors will however get them plenty of sales again and again. Facebook platform is easily helping brand establishment and gaining popularity in users, which will still continuing on a major scale.
How to make most use of facebook?

Manually if you try to use facebook鈥檚 creative and marketing features will only yield little profit and as competition is growing every day, it is impossible to gain major share of profit. So this might be making many marketers, small business owner and affiliates to outcry for their brand, traffic and sales generation on facebook.

The simplest answer to this is using pre-made custom scripts, tools and software which will automate the process of marketing. Another point to concentrate on is facebook is changing everyday with additional new features which a user/business owner can鈥檛 keep track of. So the best thing he can do is to buy readymade software available which will help him to use facebook to take his business viral. Keeping a track of all stats also will be helpful if one uses facebook marketing tools or desktop version software.

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