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6 months ago

Today, I had an appointment for consult for breast implants, it started with a not so warm welcome because my friend had to wait outside in the rain because only one person was allowed in.. waiting in the waiting room was also not an option. She travelled all the way from nijmegen to Overvecht to support me and help me make this decision together. The person who did the consult was very rude and it seemed that she did not have the time to answer my questions. She made me feel dump and spoke to me like if I was a child. She did not answer my questions and I did not feel comfortable at all. Went home with a very bad feeling about it, especially when she told me that I could only have round fillers instead of the natural ones, which I actually wanted. Over all, I am not happy with the way it went and how I was treated. I am cancelling my next appointment and plan a new one at another clinic.


7 months ago

I've had a very disappointing experience with Faceland Utrecht for my labia correction.

First Ive made a booking for a consult and when I arrived they had it noted for a different day by mistake.

I didn't receive any apologies or other solutions for this, I just had to come on the date they planned while it was their mistake. This mistake happened twice. Also after the operation.

After a few days when I had my surgery done I've had an infection and my stitches came out.
That's why after all my wound is not healed properly at all and it doesn't look good.

I sended an email to my Sergeon Murrielle van Engelen and explained that I am not happy at all and that I would like to have an check up to see what can be fixed.
At that time they told me that they will get back with me in May. Unfortunately nobody ever contacted me back and I feel not being taken seriously at all. I realy regret this surgery because I ended up way worse than how it was before.


9 months ago

Thaaaaank you so much Dr.Mike Tromp, you are the best, i didnt feel any pain and thank you so much for your explaining before lip filler and your attention.
I will come there for more beauty.

Met Best wishes


2 years ago

Today I had a breast enlargement with Faceland in Bauland clinic. I was so scared but the moment I arrived they made me feel safe. My operation started around 08:15 and at 09:10 I was awake with a big smile on my face. Im now home and I love my breasts, they look amazing already. Surgeon Lydia Bol and staff where fantastic! Thank you Faceland and Bauland clinic?


2 years ago

Dr. Anke Hogers is a lovely doctor, she reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. The results are beyond my expectations. Her english is very good, she explained everything I need to know in details. Heel erg bedankt.


3 years ago

Faceland rotterdam friendly staff, great advice and great price.


4 years ago

Anne de reus the best of all!!!


4 years ago

This is my second visit at Faceland and I find my doctor extremely professional and also charismatic. She understood my concerns and applied a 'less is more' approach with wonderful results!

I will definitely be returning!


4 years ago

Drs Anne Reus's treatment delivered great results and it was a pleasure attending the appointment.

Will definitely be back in 3 months time.


5 years ago

Nicoline, thanks very much for touching with my face with your magic hand. I like it very much it's very natural and feel much happy with botox and filling. I will make an another appointment with you. Have a great vacation and all the best,

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